Work From Home

Stay home and stay safe with Hutch! Work from the safety of your home with our unlimited cliQ, social media and Youtube packs.

cliQ – Unlimited Internet

cliQ offers you unlimited freedom for streaming movies, listening to music, watching YouTube, live video conferencing, staying connected on your favorite Social networks and pretty much everything else on the internet be it work, study or play. You’ll never run out of quota with cliQ. Hutch Data Packages are available for both Hutch 072 & 078 Pre-paid & Post-paid customers.

15 Days Plan

Price incl. taxRs. 1245
Speed upto20 Mbps

30 Days Plan

Price incl. taxRs. 2495
Speed upto20 Mbps

  • 1. What are the benefits of cliQ for WFH or LFH?

    cliQ plans will offer you the freedom to browse, stream, download or do anything you wish on the internet without ever worrying about running out of Data quotas. In that way being the most suitable product for all your ‘Work From Home’ or ‘Learn From Home’ requirements from video conferencing to watching edutainment videos to learn something new.

    Activate a 15 day or 30 day duration plan and forget about your data worries when having important meeting or crucial lecture!

  • 2. Why are there cliQ 4G plans & cliQ 3G plans?

    Customers can have a choice of choosing between 4G plans and 3G plans depending on the need and budget. 4G being the latest technology will be faster and have wider coverage than 3G and so can deliver an enhanced experience. 3G however is still good enough for most users. So whilst the 4G cliQ is great value for money for a great endless Data experience, 3G cliQ can be a more affordable alternative.

  • 3. Is cliQ available for both 072 & 078 Hutch connections?

    Yes, the cliQ plans are available for both 078 & 072 users.

  • 4. Is cliQ available on both iOS & Android?

    Yes, cliQ app is available both iOS & Android device users.

    However, the app will work only Android versions higher than 4.0.

  • 5. Are cliQ plans available for Pre-paid & Post-paid users?

    Yes, cliQ plans can be activated by both Pre-paid & Post-paid Hutch subscribers as and when needed

  • 6. How can I activate cliQ plans?

    You first need to download the cliQ app from the Google Play store or Apple app store and follow a 1 minute registration process. Once you have signed in, you simply need to cliQ the plan of your choice to purchase. You would need to ensure you have sufficient balance in your mobile account to make the purchase.

  • 7. How do I register to the app?

    You need to have an active 078 or 072 number to register to the app. Once you enter the number that you wish to register with, you will then receive an authentication code via SMS which needs to be entered into the app.

    Once the authentication is verified you will be successfully registered to the app where you can then buy cliQ plans.

  • 8. Are there any limits applicable on cliQ plans?

    There are no end limits as to how much quota can be used. They are designed to offer an unlimited experience for Smartphone users.

    *FUP is applied to ensure a small group of very extreme data users do not impact the experiences of the majority using the same data network. On reaching the FUP point, users will experience a maximum speed of 1Mbps which is still sufficient to operate all common applications and web browsing including streaming of videos at standard definition.

  • 9. What is the difference between ‘4G’ Plans & ‘3G Only’ plans?

    Both plans are designed to offer you an unlimited data experience. ‘4Gplans’ will allow you to use both 4G & 3G networks wherever and whichever is available with priority set to 4G

    3G only plans will however only operate on the 3G network throughout the validity of 3G plan.

Facebook & WhatsApp Unlimited

Hutch adds to its unlimited data packages, introducing Unlimited Facebook + WhatsApp plans for both 3G & 4G subscribers. You can choose from two distinct Hutch data plan categories; An Unlimited Social Media Weekly Package and a Monthly Package, each with its added features.

7 Days Pack

SMS CodeI54 to 102
PriceRs. 54

30 Days Pack

SMS CodeI124 to 102
PriceRs. 124

Hutch Unlimited YouTube

Hutch introduces ‘Fit to screen’ Unlimited YouTube plans for both 3G & 4G subscribers with smaller screen smartphones. Browse our unlimited data plans for the best value for money packages.

Unlimited Youtube Plans

PriceRs. 147
SMSI147 to 102