What is 5G Mobile Technology ?

What is 5G Mobile Technology – All Your Questions Answered!

That’s right folks 5G or 5th Generation technology is here!

The next step in mobile web connectivity! Your smartphones and other devices can look forward to faster browsing speeds and better more reliable connections. Sound exciting? Do read on to learn more, about 5G mobile technology.

What is 5G Technology?

The next generation in mobile internet connectivity, 5G networks will equip your smartphones and all other devices used for internet browsing with reliable and faster connections. Speeds are tipped to be multiple times faster than existing technology, as 5G operates on the most innovative expertise available across the globe.

How fast, you may wonder? Well, download speeds of 1GBps are promised to be the norm, once 5G technology is up and running 100%. You will be looking at not just a better-connected globe, but a smarter world, where a huge increase in Internet of Things Technology is predicted.=

How Soon Will 5G Hit the Global Market?

A speedy development process and test-beds already established around the globe means 5G technology is expected to be fully-launched worldwide by the year 2020. The goal is to have 5G technology working together with the existing 3G and 4G systems; promising users a speedy and uninterrupted internet connection in any part of the world.

And here in sunny Sri Lanka, Hutchinson Telecommunications Sri Lanka promises its loyal consumers’ bigger and better internet browsing via 5G technology as the company has already pledged higher investments in developing the next generation (5G) internet browsing technology across the island.

Soft Launches of 5G Technology

In the USA – at the beginning of April 2019, Verizon, launched its 5G technology, establishing themselves as the first provider to offer next-generation technology. At present 5G is available in certain areas of Chicago and some other locations. Speeds of up to 1.4GBps have been reported, which are as we know, much faster than the existing 4G speeds.

In the UK – 5G in London is not as impressive as the US coverage, with pockets across the city offering the new browsing technology. Tests conducted have only managed speeds of 200Mbps to 550Mbps so far; of course, these speeds are much faster than your average 4G browsing speeds. EE was the first UK network to launch the 5th Generation technology; 6 cities were connected on May 30, 2019, with plans to widen coverage to a further 10 cities in the UK by the year-end.

How Does 5G Work?

5G breaks free from the existing spectrum band (which is really congested) and connects on a new frequency between 3GHz to 300GHz which leaves enough space to support a range of connected devices. On the new frequency 5G connects on the shorter wavelength, millimetre waves when transmitting data; to put the jargon in simpler terms, this high frequency facilitates a much faster data transfer (over 10X than existing speeds) a much lower latency than existing connections and bigger, better internet experience!

Bottom-line; 5G will completely transform the way we live, work and play!