Travel Checklist

  • Add the international dialling codes to all the numbers saved on your phone (Input “+”, followed by the relevant country code and subscriber number.) E:g +94 785 785 785
  • Carry your charger and travel adaptor. You can also consider buying extended batteries.
  • Set your Busy Tune to ROAMING to avoid unwanted calls. (Rs.1 + tax)

How to activate your busy tune to ‘Roaming’

Quick menu
Dial *369# (Free)

Type BT (Space) Roaming (OR) Roaming (Space) Language E/S/T (Space) Number of hours (Free) and send to 369
E:g: If you are staying out of Sri Lanka for 2 days and if you want your message to be in English, Type BT (Space) Roaming (space) E (Space) 48 and send to 369.

Call 369
Listen to the prompts and activate.

  • Always pack your Hutch mobile phone with the hand luggage while flying.
  • Switch off your Hutch mobile phone in the aircraft.
  • Cancel the call forwarding facility.
  • On International Roaming, there may be occasions when the call number doesn’t flash on your phone.
  • If you lose your mobile phone or SIM card while roaming, call Hutch Hot Line immediately on +94 785 785 785.