Tips on Using Data Effectively For TikTok Users

Tips on Using Data Effectively For TikTok Users

Almost 90% of TikTok users are on the app daily. TikTok boasts over 500 million users per day. Yes, it’s a data ‘hungry’ application and here’s how you can learn to effectively use your valuable data and still enjoy TikTok!

What’s Cellular Data?

Cellular data is what this article is talking about. Cellular data is what you get billed for and what you could end up paying when you go over the limit.

The More Videos You Download, the More Data You Use

Solution – Go For an Unlimited Cellular Data Package.

When using your cellular data to view TikTok videos and download them, you will be using data; even high-speed cellular data gets used up pretty fast when you view several videos a day.

How to view my Favourite TikTok Videos and Save Data?

Did you know that there are some pretty good unlimited data packages out there?

Take the Hutch Cliq app for example. Users can activate an unlimited internet time plan and view or download TikTok videos to their heart’s content! Many internet service providers offer variety too, for example, the Hutch data packages are available for 4G or 3G users and are time-based, catering to all budgets.

Turn Off Cellular Data for TikTok

Another way to save your mobile data is to stop apps from working in the background. Your smartphone allows you to choose which apps work in the background; thus, you can choose to stop the TikTok application from running in the background when you’re not using the app; to save your mobile data. Once you choose this option, the app only downloads and updates when you open it.

How to Turn Off Cellular Data for TikTok?

Android users can go to settings – apps – TikTok: then click on mobile data and choose to turn off the function for ‘allow background data usage.’

Once you set this option the app will not use data in the background and will function only when you turn it on. Just make sure to close the app once you are done uploading, creating or watching!

iPhone users can stop TikTok from using their cellular data completely. Go to settings – ‘Cellular’ scroll down to TikTok and toggle ‘off’.

iPhone Users can Limit the Amount of Time TikTok is in Use

Kids especially enjoy using TikTok; while children below the age of 13 cannot use the app, you cannot control how much time your children spend watching videos on TikTok. But you can set a time limit for how long anyone can use the app!

· Open settings – choose Screen Time

· Select the name of your iPhone and choose from ‘today; to ‘last 7 days’ the select TikTok and you can see the amount of time spent on the app

· Select ‘Add’ to choose a time limit

· Go to ‘Use screen time password’ so no one can change the time limit

The new Android phones now have the same feature!

Consider downloading your videos and uploading them as well, over a WIFI connection; which is a great way to save your cellular data. Unless of course, you are enjoying the unlimited data packages by Hutch!