TikTok Tips and Tricks – Make the Most of Your Favourite App

TikTok Tips and Tricks – Make the Most of Your Favourite App

TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps in use today! And for those of you who value privacy, here are top tips and tricks for all TikTok users!

A favourite for millennials, the app closely rivals YouTube as a favourite video uploading site. In this article, you can learn about privacy options and much more to step up your game on TikTok!

Top Tip – Save On Cellular Data Plans

Did you know that TikTok video uploads and downloads can eat into your cellular data plans? So, our first tip for you is to choose an unlimited internet package.

Choose from time-based unlimited data packages on offer by Sri Lanka’s leading cellular networks. Many service providers like Hutch offer both 3G and 4G data plans to choose from.

Learn How To Hide Your Liked Videos

Want to improve your privacy on TikTok, and not let everyone who visits your profile see the videos you liked? If you want to keep things private, go to:

· Settings – choose Privacy and Safety – then you get the option of ‘who can view your liked video’.

· Choose ‘only me’ – a lock will appear on your video tab meaning the option is set.

Activate Restricted Mode to Get Rid of Unnecessary Videos

With millions of TikTok users using the platform to upload their videos, one cannot control the content, which is both good and bad. And, you don’t always get the best content on your TikTok recommendations and newsfeed. To control this factor, activate ‘restricted mode’:

· Open the app – choose the ‘Me’ button – click the three-dot menu there – tap on ‘Digital Wellbeing’ listed under general settings.

· Choose ‘Restricted Mode’ listed there. Turn on ‘Restricted Mode’.

You will now get filtered material only as per your preference settings.

You can even choose to restrict certain types of video by clicking the three-dot button on the video and choose ‘not interested’ after which TikTok will not recommend you similar videos.

Manage Your TikTok Login Sessions

How many times have you logged into your TikTok account from the phone of your friends or family members and forgotten to log out?

Avoid leaving your account open to other devices by clicking on the ‘Me’ button located on the apps home screen;

· Choose the ‘Manage My Account’ setting, then choose ‘Security’.

· You will find a list of all devices your account is logged into; you can then log out from them and manage your account settings.

Make Awesome ‘Live’ Wallpapers Using Your Favourite TikTok Videos

This is an awesome TikTok trick using your favourite videos. First, download the official plugin ‘TikTok Wall Picture’ which was made by TikTok Inc. Once it’s downloaded, open the TikTok app on your phone, navigate to your favourite video and tap on the ‘share’ button. There, choose the option for ‘Live Photo’

You will then be shown how the wallpaper looks on your home screen. Select – ‘Set Wallpaper’ and you’re done!

Download Your Fav TikToks Minus The Watermark!

This simple trick lets you download TikTok videos without the logo or watermark!

First copy the videos link. Open website ttdownloader.com and paste the link of the video you wish to download. Then choose the ‘Get Video’ button and the video will download without logos or watermarks.

Ready to try out these cool hacks on TikTok?