Text-only Facebook

This version of Facebook including Messenger, lets you stay connected with text-only Facebook when you run out of data quota. This will help you be connected on text-only basis untill you re-purchase a data pack. You have the convenience of switching to to regular Facebook which allows access to photos and videos when accessing through a standard data plan offered by Hutch.

Services accessible on each of the modes;

Text-only (No Data Charges): Post text, Like and Comment

Regular (With Data Charges): View Photos and Videos, Read articles and Upload Videos.


FAQ for Discover

  • 1. What type of content or media is supported with Discover?

    When using free data from Hutch, Discover does not support certain features including video, audio, streaming, file transfer, or certain other types of data-intensive traffic. Low-bandwidth features such as text and icons, which may include certain small images or photos, are supported when using free data. These limitations apply equally across websites browsed with Discover.

  • 2. What resources are highlighted on the Discover homepage?

    You can use Discover to search for and browse any website. The Discover homepage may at times highlight the availability of local resources such as COVID-19, government, safety, or digital literacy resources. Note - full public Discover FAQ are here online: https://www.facebook.com/help/discover?_rdc=1&_rdr.

  • 3. What is Discover

    Discover is a mobile web and Android app that you can use to browse the internet on your mobile phone using a daily balance of free data from Hutch. Hutch will provide you with 20MB free data to use per day. To offer a sustainable program, Discover supports only low-bandwidth traffic when using free data. Certain features including video, audio, streaming, file transfer, or certain other types of data-intensive traffic are not supported when using free data, as explained in the Discover Technical Information. You can always choose to use mobile data purchased from Hutch to browse video and audio on the internet. To start using Discover, you need to use a SIM card in your phone from Hutch.

  • 4. Why does Discover have certain technical limitations when using free data?

    Discover is designed to provide a sustainable and secure web browsing experience that allows you to browse the internet using free data from a participating mobile operator. To facilitate low-bandwidth browsing, Discover proxies websites on the internet. This product design includes certain technical limitations that apply equally to all sites browsed with Discover. Website features may be impacted depending on their use of web technologies supported in Discover. Visit Discover Technical Information and Implementing a Secure Web-Based Proxy Service for Discover to read more about Discover’s technical limitations and how Discover works.