A common data balance for multiple devices through Hutch SmartShare.

To activate this service dial *966#.

  • A common data balance across your own devices or family & friends
  • Its better than a Wi-Fi spot, your multiple devices can be anywhere in the country
  • No special packages required, top up any Hutch data packs
  • No Rentals or Commitments
  • Simple addition & removal of devices/members


What is ‘Smart Share’?

This is a FREE Service that enables you to have a common data balance on one Hutch connection (Sponsor) to be accessed by the other dependent hutch devices (Members).

Why should I use ‘Smart Share’?

Smart Share is specially designed to cater to the individuals using multiple data-enabled devices & Individuals who reload for Family & Friends.

      • If you are an Individual with Multiple devices;
  • You need not top up or activate Data packs for each device separately
  • No hassle of activating and managing multiple quotas for different devices
  • Enjoy better value by purchasing bigger packs
  • Eliminate the need to keep switching SIM cards between several devices
    If you recharge or reload for family members;

  • Dependants no longer have to keep bothering you for funds
  • Family members will no longer face the situation of running out of quota
  • Better budgetary control on giving funds to dependants

Is it available to any Hutch customer?

Yes, It is available for all Prepaid & Postpaid Hutch connections.

More FAQs

How do I start using the Smart Share service ?


Simply dial *933# and select ‘Start Sharing’, where you can add the Hutch connection you wish to share Data Balances.

Is there a fee/rental for the service?


This service is Free to any Hutch subscriber

Can I maintain a common data balance across any Prepaid or Postpaid connection?


Any prepaid connection can have a common data balance with other prepaid connections
Any postpaid connection can have a common data balance with other postpaid connections

How many member devices can have access to my common Data quota?


You can have up to 10 member devices which can have access to your common data balance

Can I be a sponsor & a member at the same time?


A sponsor connection can only allow access of the common data balance to a member connection. It cannot be a member to receive data from another sponsor connection as well.

What quota packs can activate the SmartShare service?


All your quota packs. i.e. Pocket, Value, Value Mega, Day & Night & Ghost.

Can I activate any Hutch Data pack to share?


Yes, all Data packs from Pocket, Value, Value Mega, Day & Night & Ghost. Simply load up your data balance with any of these data packs to have a common data balance with your other ‘member’devices.
Excluding: 2G packs, Non-stop internet packs

What packs are excluded from this service?


‘Non Stop’, ‘Day Time Blast’ & ‘2G’ Internet packs cannot be a sponsor.

Do I need to assign Individual quotas to each member/s (persons or device)?


This works just like an ADSL wi-fi connection at home where the quota is available to all of the member persons or devices. There is no hassle of setting individual quotas.

How will the member know if he has been added by a sponsor?


The member & sponsor both will receive SMS notifications of the member been added to the common data balance

Sponsor Related

As a Sponsor, Can later I stop sharing data balances with Members or devices?

Yes, a Sponsor can either remove a single connection or deactivate the shared data service entirely for all members.

      1. To remove a selected member: Simply dial *966*8# →select ‘Manage A/C’→select ‘Remove connections’
      2. To deactivate sharing with all connections: Dial *966*8# →select ‘Manage A/C’→ select ‘Deactivate Sharing’

As a sponsor, how can I check my shared member list?

You can check your member list by dialling *966*8#  → select ‘Manage A/C → Current Sharing List’.


As a sponsor, how can I check the available Data Balance?

To check only your shared data balance;

      • Dial *966*8# → select ‘Manage A/C’ → select ‘Check Shared Balances’

To check all your prepaid balances;

      • Dial *344# or send an SMS typing ‘bal’ to 344

To check all your postpaid outstanding & balances;

      • Dial *444# or send an SMS typing ‘bal’ to 444.


As a sponsor, how will I know if I am running low on Data quotas?

      • You will receive automated low balance notifications via SMS

Can I transfer from my credit balance to member persons or devices?

      • Yes, you can dial *966*8# →select ‘Manage A/C’ → select ‘Recharge connection’ to reload member or device connections

Can a sponsor be a member of another group?

      • No, a sponsor of a group cannot be a member of another group.

Member Related

As a member, Can I stop receiving Data from a sponsor?

Yes, you can. Dial * 131*8# → select ‘Manage A/C’ →Select ’Disable Sharing’.


As a member, how can I check the available Shared Data Balance?

You can check the available shared data balance by dialling *131*8# and select ‘Manage A/C → Available Shared Balance’


As a member, how will I know if the sponsor Data balance is low?

There is no automated alert to members when sponsor balance is low. Charging will seamlessly switch to member a/c charging. Data packs loaded by member will be used or if no packs are loaded, standard a/c charging will apply.


How can a member activate data packs of their own in an event no sponsor balance is available?


Can a member continue to use the Shared data when the member connection has no balance?

The member connection must have a credit balance in the account to be able to access the shared data.


As a member, do I need to maintain a credit balance to share data?

Yes, you must have any positive credit balance for your smart share service to be active


Will the Sponsor know the amount of shared data I am using?

No, he will not know what individual members data consumption is.