SL Internet growth rate at 9% recently revealed that Sri Lanka’s Internet growth rate, which had been less than 5 per cent prior to 2009, had risen to 9 per cent today, citing online statistics platform Statistia as its source. Further, the company also commented, in a statement, that “almost a quarter of the nation’s population of nearly 21 million have access to Internet”.

Additionally, the company also stated that the “Sri Lankan Internet market is growing significantly where people are becoming more comfortable with purchases of goods online using credit cards, debit cards and cash on delivery, simply because it is very convenient. In addition, search for information of any sorts, be it statistics, market reports or international updates, the Internet is being relied upon quite heavily. Retailers who were mainly focused on selling offline have achieved more sales via the use of online platforms. A renowned real estate agency, Property Line, stated that it was able to rent out properties to more than 50 customers of which most were expats, through Lamudi Sri Lanka”.

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