Hutch On-screen Buddy

For the first time in Sri Lanka introducing Hutch On-screen Buddy!
Now you need not worry about running out of your data balance while browsing.

You dont even have to leave your browsing session to check your balances anymore. Hutch ‘On-Screen Buddy’ will help you keep close watch of your data balances & activate packs as you wish to enjoy your on-line session without any interruptions!

With Hutch On-screen Buddy you can manage your data account without;

  • Dialing USSD codes or sending messages
  • Downloading apps & logging into portals
  • having trouble to remember codes, usernames or passwords.

What is Hutch 'On-Screen Buddy" ?

It is a “Selfcare Tab” on your browser screen which will follow you around when browsing to help you manage your data account real time.

How does the service work?

This is a service that is offered by enriching your data packets.
The service will ONLY follow you around on all HTTP services that aren’t secured. Sites which require user credentials or payment portals(HTTPS) will not be injected with this service in order to maintain subscriber privacy.

Is there a Rental or Charge for the service?

No. It is a service offered FREE of charge to all subscribers.

What type of services does it offer?

You can check your Main account balance & Data balances of the mobile number that you are connected.
You may also activate one of the Top data packs directly from your Hutch On-screen Buddy.

How often will the balances get updated?

All balances will be updated real time.

How can I pay when buying a Top data packs?

The price of the data pack that you buy will be deducted from your Main account balance.

How can I buy other Data Packs?

When you click on “Click for more Data Packs” button, you will be directed to the Hutch Website to select from our wide range Data packs using Credit/Debit Cards.

Why don’t I see the tab in all the web pages I visit?

Certain websites are SSL secured sites in which the Hutch On-Screen Buddy will be automatically disabled by the website. The Web URL for Such sites begins with https://

What can I do If the Hutch On-screen Buddy tab is blocking important content on my browser screen?

The tab can be moved to any part of your screen(Left or Right) by simply dragging it.

Can I deactivate the service?

Yes, you have the option of clicking the “Deactivate” link at the bottom of the tab. Once deactivated, buddy tab will be permanently removed from your browser session.