Win instant reloads and an exiting grand prize while enjoying an exciting virtual bus ride game on HUTCH IVR! Simply dial 6644 and press 1 on your Hutch mobile phone.

මෙන්න සතුටු වෙන්න සල්ලි දිනන්න හොදම විදිහ, හච් වෙතින්. හච් සල්ලි බස් එකට ගොඩවී ලක්ශ 3ක් දිනාගන්න, දැන්ම අංක එක අමතා සේවාව හා සම්බධවන්න. ඔබට දිනකට රු5ක් සහ බදු අයවේ.
6644ට කෝල කරන්න.
Play කරන්න.
සල්ලි දිනන්න!


  • 1. What is Hutch Salli Bus ? (Description of the Game)
    An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based quiz game presented to 078 and 072 mobile connection users to experience a funny bus ride by simply dialing 6644 on their mobile phone. Winners will be selected on a daily basis and they will be gratified with daily reload prizes and the top scorer will receive the grand prize at the end of each season.
  • 2. How to get registered into the Game?
    Dial 6644 on any 078 or 072 mobile phone and press 1. You will be charged Rs.5/= plus taxes. To unsubscribe: Dial 6644 follow the recording.
  • 3. How to play the game (mechanics) ?
    You will get 5 questions per day. Subscribers will make guesses on the next action at each question given by simply pressing 1 or 2 on the keypad to enter the choice. For every correct answer you will be given 10 points and for every wrong answer only 5 points will be given. For every correct you will be credited with reloads of Rs.10/=, Rs.50/= or Rs.100/= on a daily basis.
  • 4. Can I get more attempts than 5 per day?
    If you have already attempted 5 times your daily quota will be over. You will be entitled to dial 6644 and play the game on the following day.
  • 5. How do I receive my daily reload prizes?
    Your phone will be automatically credited with the reload prize at the end of each day you play. Denominations : Rs.10/=, Rs.50/= , Rs.100/=
  • 6. How do I win the grand prize?
    At the end of every 6 month season, a grand prize winner will be selected. The number of winning chances for the grand prize for a user is proportional to the number of points the user has scored during the particular season. Top scorer will receive the grand prize at the end of each season. In case of a tie (equal scorers), a winner will be randomly picked and given away the relevant gift/s.
  • 7. How to get deregister the Service?
    Dial 6644 follow the recording.