Reload Share Service

Share/gift reload from your Hutch number with friends & family on Hutch


  • 1. What is Reload share?

    Reload Share is a service that will allow you to transfer/receive reloads from any Hutch Prepaid number (078/072).
  • 2. Who can use the service?

    Any Hutch 078 or 072 prepaid customers can use this service.

  • 3. Can I transfer credit from 078 number to 072 number or vice versa?

    Yes you can transfer reloads between 078 & 072 numbers as well.

  • 4. How can I share reload ?

    I. Dial *121#

    Step 1: Enter the number you want to share reload to

    Step 2: Select amount you wish to share.

    Step 3: Select Send

    II. Dial *345

    Step1: Enter the number you want to share credit followed by #

    Step2: Select the gift amount

    If you want to share any other amount please press 4 followed by #.

    III. Hutch self-care App.

    Step1: Go to Credit Management

    Step2: Enter the number you want to share credit

    Step3: Enter the sharing amount

    Step4: Click Send

  • 5. What is the maximum amount that I can transfer?

    You can transfer up to Rs 99 per transaction & up to Rs 500 per day.

  • 6. How much will it charged to use this service?

    A service fee of Rs 3+tax would normally apply.

  • 7. What are the services accessible from shared amount?

    You can use this credit for any of the services available with The reload received can also be used to activate any packs as well.

  • 8. Does transferring/ receiving a recharge pack amount activated a pack?

    A pack does not automatically activate when transferred an amount that normally activates a pack when recharged through voucher or reload. Recipient could activate preferred pack dialing *123#.

  • 9. How long will the received reload be valid?

    The validity of the recharge will be the same as when recharged normally. The reload will be 6 months.