Over 38 000 subscribers visit ‘Hutch data dansala’

In the true ‘spirit of giving’ this Vesak season, mobile operator Hutch offered a 100MB of free data on its 3G network to all its data loving Hutch subscribers, the first ‘data’ dansala of its kind in Sri Lanka.
Hutch launched this unique data dansala solely online via its digital media platforms and encouraged everyone to share the message via social media to all their friends and loved ones so they could also partake of this offer.
The Hutch Data dansala was ‘opened’ online on Saturday the 2nd of May for a period of 4 days.
In the 4 days that the data dansala was open, more than 38,000 people visited the dansala to claim the free data.  As a result more than 3,800,000 MB of free data was distributed to Hutch subscribers.
“We were thrilled with the immense and positive response received for the “HUTCH DATA DANSALA” initiative. As a 3G mobile operator, we wanted to offer something unique this Vesak season to all of our subscribers around the country and the online data dansala has enabled us to make this possible.  We are pleased that this unique offer has been so well taken up and appreciated by all our subscribers” mentioned Thirukumar Nadarasa, CEO, HUTCH.
Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Private) Limited is a leading provider of mobile telecommunication services in Sri Lanka operating under the brand “Hutch”. Its services extends to all districts Island-wide, providing affordable advanced 3G mobile broadband solutions. Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Private) Limited is a part of the Hutchison Whampoa Limited (“HWL”) group, a Global Fortune 500 conglomerate. The telecom arm of HWL is a pioneer in advanced 3G operations with presence in Europe including UK, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden, and in Australia and Asia including Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and popularly operates under the brand ‘3’ in most geographies. More information on the HWL group and Hutchison Lanka Ltd can be obtained at www.hutchison-whampoa.com & www.hutch.lk