Dialog Axiata’s Ideamart Partners with Hutch to Expand Subscriber Reach

Ideamart, a global award-winning platform for developers and content providers presented by Dialog Axiata PLC, partnered Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Hutch) to enable over 18,000 Ideamart app developers to access Hutch’s Network Infrastructure through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Ideamart enables any developer, technopreneur or entrepreneur with an idea to join, use unutilized telco assets, create their own mobility services, and monetize them with zero risks with no up-front fee.

Following the integration of Hutch 072 & 078 Network Infrastructure, Ideamart will now provide Sri Lankan Developers, access to over 18 Million subscribers across Dialog, Hutch and Airtel Mobile Networks. This partnership will enable Hutch subscribers to avail thousands of applications, development infrastructure and value-added services available on the platform and the integration is set to greatly benefit the Ideamart developer community (Asia’s largest digital services eco system) through the expansion of the market place for their innovations and services.

Commenting on the partnership, Anthony Rodrigo, Group Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Architect at Dialog Axiata PLC said, “We are pleased to have partnered with Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka to empower thousands of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs with a developer platform to bring their ideas to life and to deliver exceptional services and experiences to millions of subscribers across the nation.”

“We are extremely delighted to support budding entrepreneurs with our state-of-the-art network infrastructure. We consider that digital inclusivity is of utmost importance at present and as mobile-telco providers, we need to collaborate and carry out more initiatives to create a solid market place for app developers.” shared Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer of Hutch.

Ideamart will continue to deliver a host of new Mobile Network APIs, providing a platform for increasingly advanced levels of application development and service functionality. This historic partnership will open up more avenues for Hutch and Dialog Ideamart to empower entrepreneurs and encourage them to come up with innovations.

Developers and Service Providers can visit www.ideamart.io to create telco API based services.

Photographed from left to right: Kasun Withanaarachchi – Assistant Manager – Ideamart Operations, Dialog Axiata PLC, Viranga Seneviratne – General Manager – IdeaMart, Dialog Axiata PLC, Anthony Rodrigo – Group Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Architect, Dialog Axiata PLC, Thirukumar Nadarasa – Chief Executive Officer, Hutch, Yarthav Mathiaparanam – Assistant General Manager – Data, VAS & Digital, Hutch, Madreek Naotunna – Manager – VAS, Hutch

zMessenger and HUTCH rewards winners of BID2WIN competition

BID2WIN bidding competition organized by zMessenger in collaboration with HUTCH was concluded recently with an awards ceremony that rewarded the winners of several promotions conducted this year.

Ashane Imantha Gunesena from Kaduwela emerged as the winner of Wagon R Car Promotion which was held from 1st Feb to 31st March 2020 while P. A. J. Gamini Perera from Maspotha won the Honda Dio Bike Promotion which was held from 1st of July to 20th July 2020.

BID2WIN is a highly popular competition among the mobile subscribers, which enables them to win great prizes by bidding through SMS. All they need to do is bid for the lowest unique bid value and the winner will receive the allocated prize. What makes this game very interesting and exciting is that new prizes such as mobile phones, motor bikes, cars and many more are being introduced regularly. The organizers of the game update the start and end of each competition, the prize that is up for grab and also the winners of each competition through SMS or via broadcast media.

As a leading mobile service provider in the country, HUTCH continues to support innovative promotions to keep the customers engaged while offering more opportunities to make their lives better. With the completion of its “Bigger and Better” 4G network, it has been a truly remarkable journey and HUTCH is happy to continue to reward its loyal customers.

Photo caption


From left – zMessenger Senior Product Manager Eranda Sanjeewa,  Winner, Honda Dio Bike Promo -Gamini Perera from Maspotha, Winner, Wagon R Car Promo Ashane Imantha Gunesena from Kaduwela, HUTCH VAS Manager Madreek Naotunna, HUTCH VAS Assistant Manager,  Kasun Jayasooriya.


HUTCH launches Unlimited Social Media data plans for both 3G+ 4G smartphone subscribers

Hutch ,Sri Lanka’s preferred choice for mobile broadband services, has unveiled yet another innovative proposition for Sri Lankan consumers by introducing Unlimited Social Media plans encompassing Facebook , Messenger and WhatsAppall included in one convenient pack. .


The Social Media plans enable users to enjoy a limitless experience on Facebook when browsing videos and content while also being able to access the Messenger app which is popularly used by many for chatting and sharing content-rich messages with their Facebook contacts.


Furthermore, the plan also provides unlimited usage on Sri Lanka’s most widely used chat app WhatsApp, giving users the benefit of chatting, voice calling and video calling all they want.


The uniqueness of these plans are that they are available for smartphone users accessing mobile broadband services on either the Hutch  3G network or their newly launched bigger and better 4G network. A practice which HUTCH believes is of paramount importance when it comes to the digital inclusion of services when rolling out any new product or service.


Prices of the plans are at aaffordable Rs.124/- offering 30 days of unlimited Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp , while a 7 day plan for Rs.54/- is available too. These plans can be activated with the short code  *131# or simply  by reloading the value of the pack at a retail shop or online via the HUTCH self-care app.


“Sri Lankan consumers can now enjoy affordable access their popular mobile applications through a range of products Hutch offers. The unlimited Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp plans which we have introduced for users are yet another testament to our philosophy of bringing affordable digital services to every Sri Lankan” stated AGM Data, VAS & Digital Yarthav Mathiaparanam .

HUTCH upgrades Colombo Customer Service Point to provide a better experience

As part of its efforts to deliver a better experience to its customers, HUTCH, Sri Lanka’s fastest-growing mobile broadband service provider, recently upgraded its primary customer service point at its Bambalapitiya offices in the heart of Colombo. The ceremonious opening was graced by Mrs. Yogalathagini Thirukumar, as Chief Guest and Mr. Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer of HUTCH alongside the Management of HUTCH Sri Lanka.

HUTCH has also recently completed the deployment of its world-class, island-wide 4G network empowering customers to “Be. Anywhere.” This massive network expansion including expansion of its 2G and 3G networks has enabled HUTCH to provide its customer with a better network experience while providing a portfolio of affordable and innovative products designed to address their key pain points.


“Our aim is to provide a better 4G experience” – Thirukumar Nadarasa, HUTCH CEO


With the completion of its bigger and better island wide 4G network in February this year, HUTCH is on course to enhance its brand presence and further establish itself as one of Sri Lanka’s premier telco operators with its larger 2G, 3G and 4G network coverage and the widest range of innovative products that appeal to a cross section of consumers across all walks of life.

The merger of Etisalat last year has resulted in a visible resurgence and conveys that the local subsidiary of Hong Kong based CK Hutchison Holdings remains buoyant and committed to the island nation.

Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. operating under the brand name “HUTCH” continues to disrupt the telco industry by going that extra yard offering real solutions to real problems that customers face in their daily lives.

In that background, following are excerpts of an interview conducted with Thirukumar Nadarasa, Chief Executive Officer of HUTCH where he describes the company’s island wide network expansion and how they help deliver the best mobile experience to its customers.

  1. How has the HUTCH network coverage expanded post–Etisalat merger and new investments?
  2. This merger opportunity gave HUTCH access overnight to a much larger network infrastructure in terms of both coverage and capacity. This allowed us to reach out to the full potential customer base that we were unable to reach out before, and it allowed us to serve a data hungry population looking for a brand that understands their needs and works for them.

Our highly energized and committed engineers and technical support staff worked around the clock to not only merge both 2G and 3G networks, but also to add on top, an advanced  4G network and we were able to complete this mammoth task in just over 12 months. The merger enabled us to integrate the existing network resources of Etisalat to deploy new 4G coverage on 2000+ towers across the island that instantly covered 90%+ of the population.

Even though 4G has been around in Sri Lanka since 2014, mass adoption of 4G has not yet occurred with only 40% of mobile subscribers on 4G networks today. There were multiple reasons for this slow uptake including expensive 4G handsets and perceived high cost of using 4G services. With the recent proliferation of more affordable 4G handsets, our mission is to provide digital inclusivity to customers from every walk of life and to bring an affordable 4G broadband experience across the entire country.

  1. Why is HUTCH 4G a Better Experience?
  2. An advantage of coming to the market later is that HUTCH can deploy the latest and most advanced 4G technology into the country. Apart from the expanded coverage, HUTCH has deployed the most advanced core networks and billing systems. This means that the quality of the service will be much higher, supporting the ever-increasing data consumption needs. Also almost the entire HUTCH mobile network including 2G and 3G networks has been modernized as part of the merger enabling HUTCH to deliver a better quality service.

As we will also appreciate, as technology like 4G establishes, it not only become more advanced but also equipment costs are lower, which means we can pass on the savings to the customer! So we can be more affordable.

Now our network is much larger than what it was a year ago and our coverage is much improved allowing us to provide customers not only a better 4G experience but also 2G and 3G experience across the country.

With the unprecedented growth in data especially during the COVID lockdown, we were fortunate that our network expansion was just completed and we were able to deliver a consistent and reliable experience to our customers with all of the above factors put together.

  1. You mentioned HUTCH’s data packages. What is unique about them and were any new products launched recently?
  2. During the COVID – 19 period when the government decided to execute strict lockdown practices to curb the virus, HUTCH worked swiftly to accommodate changes to our product lines and pricing strategies making them more conducive to the Work from Home model. We introduced a “Freemium” offer through which we served over 1.2mn of our customers everyday offering free daily reloads for Voice, SMS and Data to keep them connected with their loved ones. This was especially important during curfew times as access to traditional reload outlets was restricted.

We are a working brand. We work hard for our customers and we listen to their grievances. We heard their pain with regards to ‘wasted Night time data quotas’. In the past, we helped to address this issue by extending the Night period up to 9AM every day, resulting in HUTCH subscribers being able to consume over 70% of their night quotas anyway. Then as a “first” in the market, HUTCH introduced 100% Any Time data packs with no night time restrictions at all.

We have introduced the extremely popular Unlimited YouTube pack for only Rs. 147 that is valid for a whole month! Recently we also introduced an Unlimited Facebook/Messenger/WhatsApp pack for only Rs. 124, which is also valid for full 30 days.

Our legendary cliQ product has proven to be highly popular but was previously only on the 3G network. We have now launched cliQ 4G on our new 4G network.

We also very recently launched a series of Data, Voice and Data bundle packs that for the first time in the market include quotas of off net minutes and anytime data.

Now with all prerequisites in place, we believe HUTCH is well positioned to address all segments of the market.


  1. How are customers responding to the new Bigger and Better HUTCH?
  2. Consumer response to our Bigger and Better network and our great value for money products and service offerings has been tremendous from the day we re-launched our merged network. It is delightful to see more subscribers joining HUTCH every day. Our ever-growing subscriber base bears testimony to the fact that we have been successful in providing what the customers expect from a mobile network provider – an affordable, better mobile experience. We will continue to empathize with consumers and empower the nation with constant innovations that will make a real difference.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: At HUTCH, we always believe that technology is of little value if it can’t serve the real and present needs of the people. Our focus is to continue to always work towards making our services accessible and affordable to all citizens. With this in mind, the team at HUTCH will continue to focus on innovations that are meaningful to consumers, not mere marketing gimmicks.

Equally important is that, HUTCH will work hard to ensure the mobile experience is consistently delivered to all of its subscribers. This has been the major issue faced by almost all mobile networks across the world. As 3G and 4G broadband data networks addressed the huge data demand, the resultant increase in data traffic begins to deteriorate the data experience for all the data subscribers on the network. Just expanding network capacity alone is insufficient to address this issue and a more intelligent and comprehensive management process has been established by HUTCH to ensure all our data subscribers will continue to experience a consistent data experience in the future.


Q: What about your plans for 5G?

A: HUTCH Sri Lanka is part of the global CKH Group of companies including mobile operations across Europe and Asia which are already in the process of deploying 5G networks and services. HUTCH will continue to monitor the development of 5G across the world but will launch full scale 5G services here in Sri Lanka only when there is an established demand for a higher than existing 4G service.

At present, there is a big debate about the launch of 5G globally and locally. Even though there is much industry hype about 5G, sufficient user cases for 5G are yet to be identified to justify the huge additional investment into a 5G network.  The question I always ask people is ‘please tell me what services you need today that cannot be addressed by an advanced 4G network and are those additional requirements sufficient to invest in and deploy a 5G network?

It’s again a question of affordability, when affordable 5G handsets will be available as well as affordable 5G specific applications. HUTCH’s parent Company has all the experience required to deploy 5G networks today but, we need to first see when the time is right for the Sri Lankan consumer. We shall certainly do it then.

It is with utmost pleasure that I invite all mobile subscribers in Sri Lanka to try the HUTCH 4G experience for themselves and see if we are better able to fit their needs.




Hutch cliQ now on 4G !

Hutch Telecommunications, Sri Lanka’s preferred choice for mobile broadband services has enhanced its  popular cliQ app enabling all its 078 & 072 subscribers to enjoy unlimited Internet experience on its nationwide Bigger and Better 4G network.

072 subscribers have been enjoying cliQ 3G since 2017 and post the take-over of Etisalat Sri Lanka last year by Hutch and the deployment  of a new nationwide 4G network, the new cliQ app  has now  been optimised to offer Cliq 4G to both 078 and 072 subscribers.

cliQ is a mobile application with which users can conveniently purchase Time-based Internet packages and enjoy an unlimited internet experience on their smartphones. It provides unlimited mobile Internet access in Time blocks instead of fixed data quotas which means users will have peace of mind and not have to constantly worry about suddenly running out of data or even wonder where all the data has disappeared to.

The  App is available on Google Playstore, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery.

The new Hutch cliQ will enable users to seamlessly and conveniently go online on either their 3G or 4G smartphones by purchasing a choice of 3G or 4G network cliQ plans starting from 30 minutes up to 30 Days for both Pre-paid and  Post-paid customers.

“With the new enhancement of cliQ to 4G , we are able to deliver further on our promise of even more accessible and convenient mobile data experience to Sri Lankan consumers to complement their digital lifestyles and needs,” AGM Data, VAS & Digital Yarthav Mathiaparanam noted.



HUTCH launches Digital Vesak Deemana offering Free Data, SMS and Talk time for the 6th year

Encourages all Sri Lankan’s to reflect and engage in religious observances from home

Committing to ‘giving’ in its true spirit, HUTCH will be launching its trademark Digital “Vesak Deemana” for the 6th consecutive year in light of the Vesak festival from 7th to 9th May 2020.

HUTCH customers can now avail this free offer by dialing *311# or through HUTCH Self Care App. All Hutch 072/078 subscribers will be able to enjoy 200MB, 30 minutes free calls and 30 SMS’s, absolutely free daily for 3 days.

Considering the prevailing situation in the country, HUTCH will also be hosting a colorful 3D animated Vesak Pandol on the landing page of www.hutch.lk website. All visitors can gain access and harmoniously listen to the soothing “Rathana Suthra’’, as a digital pooja invokes blessings on themselves, their households and the entire nation. Rathana Suthra preaching is said to have dispelled the three fears: fear of death, fear of disease and fear of famine from a pandemic in Vishaala during Lord Buddha’s era.

HUTCH has also collaborated with Neth FM to sponsor the Digital Thorana depicting the ‘’Gandathindu Jathaka’’ story which urges everyone to be free from acts of evil and practice benevolence and acts of good will.

Adding further vibrancy this year and encouraging families to stay indoors HUTCH has organized an engaging Digital Vesak competition for subscribers to actively post pictures of home-made Vesak lanterns from their homes and win exciting gifts.

“We understood that the public will not be able to experience a traditional Vesak in its full nature this year as a result of the prevailing situation. As an act of goodwill and the need of the hour, HUTCH is honoured to host the Digital Vesak Deemana leveraging our platforms for our customers to  engage with their religious activities while helping them stay safe and connected to their loved ones” said Iranga Amandakoon,  Senior Manager Marketing, HUTCH.

HUTCH together with Department of Posts Sri Lanka extends support during COVID 19

Signs partnership to deliver recharge cards island wide

In collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Mass Media and Ministry of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation on a special request made by the Presidential Task Force established to combat COVID – 19 in Sri Lanka, HUTCH has joined hands with the Department of Posts Sri Lanka (DPSL) in delivering much needed recharge cards to doorsteps of all Sri Lankans.

These HUTCH reload cards service both 078 and 072 subscribers with an expiration validity for one year which helps customers stay connected during the present challenging period.

HUTCH subscribers can coordinate with the nearest post office and obtain their recharge cards along with medicinal packages that are delivered by the Postal Department. HUTCH recharge cards will also be made available across most post offices across the country. Through the partnership HUTCH plans to distribute recharge cards via post offices with the medicinal requirement of customers. Subsequently initiating a fully-fledged distribution mechanism through most post offices and sub post offices across the island.

The initiative covers 15 regional offices, 653 main post offices and over 3410 sub post offices around Sri Lanka making it easier for HUTCH subscribers to purchase recharge cards as they stay safe at home.

“We are privileged to be a part of these honorable efforts directed by the Government authorities in charge of this situation, our health sector and Department of Posts. As a responsible corporate citizen we have joined yet another initiative during a very challenging period empowering all communication needs of our valued customers in all parts of the island. I wish to also convey my gratitude towards Minister of Information and Mass Media and Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation Hon. Bandula Gunawardena and Department of Posts Sri Lanka for giving us the opportunity to facilitate connectivity to our customers. With the country moving towards normalcy we have the confidence to continue this value addition offering the most affordable services to the whole of Sri Lanka’’, said Manoj Kumar Moses, General Manager Sales, HUTCH.

During the COVID 19 stay at home period the Department of Posts Sri Lanka has arranged a mechanism together with Osu Sala to home-deliver medicines through Whatsapp, Viber and MMS. The Ministry of Health has recognized pharmacies island-wide and the list is accessible through www.health.gov.lk.

The significant tie-up with Department of Posts further extends HUTCH’s reach across the island making it a “Bigger and Better” choice further consolidating HUTCH’s value proposition “Be. Anywhere”.

From left: Department of Posts Deputy Post Master General (Operations) Rajitha Ranasinghe, Department of Posts Post Master General Ranjith Ariyarathna HUTCH Advisor Finance and Operations Bandhunath de Alwis and HUTCH General Manager Sales Manoj Kumar Moses

Hutch Pays Heed to Customer Feedback offering 100% Anytime Data without Night Time Quotas

In a significant announcement made today, Hutch has started offering its subscribers 100% Anytime Data packages without any night time quotas. Customers will no longer have to wait till midnight to access their night time quotas and be worried of running out of quotas to use during the day time. With Hutch Anytime data revolution, now prepaid customers have the opportunity to enjoy their full data quota and surf the internet with much freedom anytime of the day.

All Hutch 078 & 072 subscribers can now dial *131# to activate these data plans, available to both 3G and 4G users. The freshly introduced Hutch Anytime Data plans include products ranging from600MB for Rs. 47, 1.3GB for Rs. 97, 3GB for Rs. 197, 4.7 GB for Rs. 297, 8.2GB for Rs. 497, 12GB for Rs. 647 and 20GB for Rs. 997 further consolidating its promise adhering to its customer wallet friendly approach.

This initiative again showcases Hutch’s continuous efforts to offer products that fit customers’ expectations and its commitment in delivering the best value products. This initiative is expeditiously approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) to address mobile subscriber concerns.

“As a sensitive corporate citizen, Hutch has always listened to the feedback of our customers. Understanding their concerns and fulfilling their needs is the way of life at Hutch. We have heard the concerns and frustrations of all Sri Lankans, and they no longer have to be worried of day/night data quotas and feel that the night quota is wasted. We are confident that the new 100% Anytime Data packages will deliver greater relief, peace of mind and convenience to our fast growing subscriber base.’’ said Ramzeena Morseth Lye, Chief Marketing Officer, Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

This initiative comes across as another welcome step of relief especially at a time when the country is facing challenges with COVID – 19. The Anytime data packages will assist users to stay updated with the ongoing situation of the country, be connected with their loved ones and continue with their work activities from home without having to worry about not having ready access to their night quotas when needed.

Hutch also announced that it has extended the Rs.15 free daily relief reload offer until the 7th April 2020. The service is available to all Hutch 078 & 072 prepaid customers who has run out of credit balance especially during this work from home period. This relief reload can be used for anytime data, any network calls and any network SMS services. Hutch is proud to announce that to date more than 500,000 Hutch subscribers have already accessed this Rs15 Relief benefit which allows them to stay connected.

Hutch offers free daily relief reload of Rs. 15 to all its subscribers to help in mitigating the COVID 19 risk

Keeping true to its long devotion to the best interests of their customers, HUTCH has today introduced another key initiative ensuring continuity and access to telecommunication services at a time when the country is grappling with the COVID -19 crisis.

The newly announced initiative offers a free daily relief reload of Rs. 15 to all Hutch 078 and 072 prepaid customers who have run out of credit balance. This relief reload can be used for anytime data and any network calls and SMS services.

With the prevailing strict curfew situation implemented to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus among the Sri Lankan population, many subscribers may face difficulties with reloading their accounts.  This interim offer was introduced to help all Hutch prepaid customers stay connected during this current lock down.  Customers can avail themselves of this free relief reload by simply dialing *288# daily on their Hutch connection. The service is offered from the 26th of March and is valid till 31st March 2020.

“We find that many prepaid subscribers find it tough to reload their phones using traditional trade or they may not have access to online reload methods. The relief reload is completely free of charge. It is not a loan and customers do not need to worry about paying it back. We believe this benefit would enable all our customers to have uninterrupted connectivity to stay informed on the current situation at all times, whilst being safe at home. I would also like to thank the TRCSL for quickly supporting us on this initiative”, said Thirukumar Nadarasa, CEO of HUTCH.

Also in close conjunction with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL), Hutch has already deployed a number of timely and affordable initiatives to encourage people to stay strong and safe to combat against the COVID – 19 Virus  under the  ‘Work from Home’ banner  including, time based unlimited internet and UTube packages, anytime data packs, extending enhanced airtime loans,  alternate electronic recharging channels, new OTT based customer service channels and free access to university eLearn services. Further information on ‘Work from Home’ initiatives can be obtained from the Hutch website www.hutch.lk.