Always Internet

If buying packs and tracking validity is not your thing then this product is for you.

Dial *131*4# to activate.

Always Internet (per MB)

27 cts

12AM to 6PM (18hrs)

57 cts

6PM to 12AM (6hrs)
How to Activate
SMSDay to 101
IVRCall 1788

This product doesn’t have any validity clause. Once subscribed, tariff benefits will continue as long as you don’t unsubscribe.

Other Unique Benefits:

  • No need to worry about quota running out.
  • No excess charges.
  • No special Internet recharge denominations. Simply recharge any amount & use.
  • Same SIM can be used for all mobile services including internet, voice, SMS and IDD.

*Applicable government taxes to be added

Max Download Speed3.6 Mbps
Min Upload Speed512 Kbps
Excess data usage will be charged at
27cts –  12AM to 6PM (18hrs)
57cts  – 6PM to 12PM (6hrs)


Why should I subscribe to this plan?

This product is a first in Sri Lanka offering 50% discount on internet tariff during 18hrs of the day including “daytime”.

Who can subscribe to Always Internet?

Any Hutch prepaid customers are eligible to subscriber to Always Internet plan.

Any validity clause for Always Internet?

With Always Internet you need not worry about validity expiring. For as long as the daily subscription is paid, you enjoy the special rates.

More FAQs

How is Always Internet different to data packs?


1) With Always Internet no need to worry about internet quota and expiring validity
2) Recharge with any amount of your convenience and enjoy tariff benefits.

Can I use both internet pack(s) and Always Internet together?


Yes. You can use both products together. Your internet pack quota will be used before Always Internet tariff begins to apply. This feature allows you to consume internet pack quota without losing on any of the benefits.

What if I have unused internet quota from the internet pack(s) I had purchased?


You can continue using your unused internet quota. Special tariff benefit will be applicable once you have finished your internet quota.

How can I deactivate this?


To deactivate you can dial *131*1*2# from USSD or type day D and send to 101.