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Breaking News Alerts

Now, you can get updated on all breaking news while on the move with Hutch News Alerts Service at a very affordable fee of Rs 30 + tax per month. When you register, you will receive SMS updates from news items to sports, local and foreign affairs, security alerts, and other items that are of general interest.

In addition to news in English text, we also offer ‘Singlish’ news updates (English letters used to communicate Sinhala words) and ‘Thanglish’ (English letters used to communicate Tamil words), so that you can decide which option suits you best.

Provider Language Activation Deactivation Sender Number
Gold FM English GOLD REG GOLD DA 7878
Hiru FM Singlish HIRU REG HIRU DA 7878
Sooriyan FM Thanglish SRN REG SRN DA 7878
Ada Derana English Derana REG Derana DA 7878
Ada Derana Singlish Derana REG SE Derana REG DA SE 7878
JNW English News REG News DA 7878
JNW Singlish News Reg SE News DA SE 7878
Mawbima Singlish MBN REG MBN DA 7878
Ceylon Today English CTN REG CTN DA 7878
News 1st English NFU REG NFU DA 7878
News 1st Singlish NUS REG NUS DA 7878
News 1st Thanglish NAT REG NAT DA 7878

To register SMS the activation code to 7878. FREE for New customers for the first 10 days.

Price : Rs 30 + tax per month. Validity : 30 Days. Exclusive of tax.

Provider Language Activation Deactivation Sender Number
Gold FM English GOLD STOP GOLD 2233
Hiru FM Singlish HIRU STOP HIRU 2233
Sooriyan FM Thanglish SOORIYAN STOP SOORIYAN 2233
Ada Derana English AD STOP AD 2233
Ada Derana Singlish ADS STOP ADS 2233
JNW English News STOP News 2233
Mawbima Singlish MBN STOP MBN 2233
Ceylon Today English CTN STOP CTN 2233
News 1st Singlish SNEWS1 STOP SNEWS1 2233
News 1st English ENEWS1 STOP ENEWS1 2233
News 1st Thanglish TNEWS1 STOP TNEWS1 2233
TNL News English TNLRN STOP TNLRN 2233
Daily Mirror English DM STOP DM 2233
Rythem FM News Singlish RFM STOP RFM 2233