What is International Direct Dialing?

International Direct Dialing (IDD) is the facility which will enable a customer to make international calls anywhere in the world.

Is IDD facility available on my number by default?

Yes its already activated on your number.

Do I need to keep deposit to make IDD calls?


What are the charges to make an international call?

Call charges are different for different countries. Please check the IDD tariff sheet or Dial *433# to get call charges for any particular destination.

How to make a IDD call?

Dial00 For example: For the United Kingdom 00 44 XXXXXXXXX or + 44 XXXXXXXXXX.

From Where do I Buy IDD Products?

You can buy IDD products from Hutch Shop’s or any retailer island wide.

Further information on your Billing

Please call Customer Service on 1788 @ any time & make your Complaint.