HUTCH powers ‘Get nAiled’ gaming event for 3rd consecutive time

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HUTCH, the fastest growing mobile broadband telecommunications provider in Sri Lanka,has once again come on board as the Title Sponsor for the 3rd edition of ‘GetnAiled’ 2016.

‘GetnAiled’ 2016 is a gaming tournament organized by the ‘n00b Alliance’ which also happens to be the first Call of Duty 4 clan in Sri Lanka collaborating with strategic partner Gamer.LK.

HUTCH“GetnAiled” 2016 was held at the new ICBT Campus on 26th-27thNovember and attracted enthusiastic crowds who wanted to catch a glimpse of the intense competition on display. The gaming tournament featured popular games such as Call of Duty 4, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat XL and FIFA ’16.

HUTCH has been a part of this initiative with the aim of giving a boost to the local gaming community and uplifting the platform to a standard on par with international gaming experiences. The annual gaming tournament brings together gaming enthusiasts and fanatics to compete and display their skills in different games whilst showcasing the best clan or team to the country.

Apart from the players and their friends and supporters, members of the public were also able to take part in side gaming activities which were hosted by HUTCH.

Commenting on the excitement that made the event a success, Thirukumar Nadarasa- Chief Executive Officer of HUTCH Sri Lanka said, “HUTCH has always maintained its aim of fulfilling the ever-growing data consumption needs of our customers. Whilst also supporting the development of the data and broadband infrastructure in Sri Lanka, HUTCH also recognizes the need to bring about change and evolution in the world of the Internet. We were excited with the prospect of involving ourselves with GetnAiled which is one of the largest open public gaming tournaments in the country.”

Keen gamers have shaped for themselves competitive platforms and the current facet in computer and console gaming is also considered today as a professional sport in many parts of the world.Today’s internet culture comprises of online gaming and e‐sports and is rapidly gaining momentum whilst expanding itself into an option of interactive entertainment by adventurous teenagers and adults all over the world.