HUTCH launches world-class CRM solution enhancing customer experience

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Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka Ltd. has deployed the first most integrated, personalised Customer Relationship Management solution in Sri Lanka with multiple customer interaction channels for enhancing customer experience.

This is purely aimed at achieving a superior customer experience, via a leading Contact Center solution combined with a personalised CRM solution that has been implemented in collaboration with IT Connect Sri Lanka and Genesys.

Focusing on delivering superior customer experience, Hutch has joined hands with two leading players in the industry of Information Technology that are IT Connect and Genesys to provide the most advanced solution that will deliver the desired customer experience. Through this new system Hutch aims to achieve a competitive advantage via a technology-fuelled customer experience.

Instead of customer inquiries being solely handled by the customer care agent, this integrated multiport system brings together all the latest trendy communication methods that their customers prefer, on a single platform. The system integrates SMS chat, chat line, social media, etc. facilitating the busy lifestyles of the customers who are keen on fulfilling their requirements efficiently.

Hutch CEO Thirukumar Nadarasa commented: “The new CRM system is the first most integrated personalised system that has been implemented by a Sri Lankan telecommunication organisation. The system is focused on catering to the customer base which increasingly prefers non-voice communication such as web, social media and mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, etc. This integrated CRM approach is expected to deliver the most desired integrated communication platform for them in terms of superior quality of service, satisfaction and convenience.”

Through this personalised program the customer service agent will be given access to customer information, billing information, activation and other supporting information in one single user interface which will facilitate the most accurate information to service the customer efficiently.

The implementation of this project would provide more visibility to the management to understand the customer better and escalate quality of service to the end customer. It is expected to provide a state-of-the-art experience to their customers, unleashing a brand new era of superior customer care.

ITCONNECT is a solution provider with a global presence, specialised in the IT needs of large, small and medium-scale enterprises. Genesys is a leading systems integrator which is well established for providing the most suitable IT solutions for customer needs.

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