In yet another pioneering solution to address customer’s worry of losing unused data quota due to the pack expiring, HUTCH, recently launched a range of LongerValidityAnytime data plans that offer extended validity of up to 60 days.


With the introduction of longer validity plans, HUTCH has ensured that its customers now does not need to worry about losing unused data quota


With HUTCH LongerValidity plans, customers are now assured of the freedom to be able to use all their data quotas they paid for. Longer validity plans are an ideal alternative for the lower data users who were concerned that their unused data may be lost prematurely. And what’s more these extended validity plans offer only 100% anytime data quotas.


Highly customized to suit the data requirements of all life segments, longer validity plans offer a wide range of data solutions starting from just Rs. 59.


Yarthav Mathiaparanam – AGM – Data, VAS and Digital Marketing at HUTCH said, “We have pioneered several innovative solutions that focus on addressing the key concerns of todays’ telecom users. Hutch was the first to introduce the popular 100% Anytime data plans, and now with LongerValidity Anytime plans, we addresses another pressing concern where users who are not heavy users of data who have to lose their unused data quotas when a pack validity expires. With these longer validity plans, users can choose from validity periods starting from 15 Days for a Rs 59 Anytime pack up to 60 Days for larger packs.  This is yet another industry first by Hutch and we are proud to be at the edge of innovating on value addressing long-standing customers’ pain points.


All longer validity plans can be activated through multiple ways to suit customer preferences ranging from the convenient HUTCH App, dialing *131#, reloading the exact prices or via even via SMS . Moreover, to offer transparency to users on their Data Quotas, the remaining validity details are always available via the HUTCH Selfcare App. The Hutch Selfcare App can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery