How To Optimize Your Mobile Hotspot

How To Optimize Your Mobile Hotspot – Enjoy Fast & Secure Internet!

Having a mobile hotspot, especially if its portable 4G router, is very handy for times you need to connect to the internet and no Wi-Fi is available. Read on to learn how to optimise your mobile hotspot!

A Portable Mobile Hotspot is Fast and Secure

Having your own 4G mobile hotspot is ideal for times when you need to connect your laptop to the internet. Even if certain places do offer Wi-Fi, it’s always beneficial to connect to your own mobile hotspot; for starters, your own hotspot is a secure connection and it’s much faster. Here are some tips for improving your mobile hotspots efficiency and saving on your data charges.

Get a Good Mobile Connection

Choose the best mobile service provider in your area to ensure maximum signal strength. On our island, you can now enjoy super-fast speeds from top mobile service providers like Hutch, already offering the benefits of 4G. Sri Lanka being a small island, you can easily enjoy clear and uninterrupted connections no matter where you go, provided you are on the right network for the best 4G connection.

Research the Coverage Offered by Mobile Service Provider

Do some research on the area you plan to visit with your mobile hotspot. Check to make sure the area is covered by your service provider. If the signal strength is low, you will still enjoy internet connections, but at very slow speeds. Choose the best 4G experience in Sri Lanka and choose a connection that boasts a coverage of at least 90% of Sri Lanka’s population. Plus, the newer networks now operating in Sri Lanka are on the latest technology for a bigger and better experience, every time you connect to your 4G hotspot.

Optimise the Position of your 4G Router for the Best Hotspot Experience

When connecting your portable router, make sure you place it in a spot with the least number of obstacles. An area unhindered by walls, plants, ceilings etc. will make sure the signal is clear and strong; the lesser the obstructions the better the signal for you to enjoy fast internet speeds.

Limit the Number of Apps Running on your Mobile 4G Connection

All apps on your mobile and laptop will be sharing internet bandwidth, thus, slowing down your experience. To optimise your hotspot connection, make sure to turn off all background apps that are not needed. These apps eating into your data, only increases your data charges. Examples for apps that are constantly using data in the background is your email and social media apps constantly updating in the background. Google maps too is a culprit when location update is turned on.

Optimise your E-Mail for Better Data Usage

If you are a businessman constantly receiving a bunch of emails, fine-tuning your email app options will prove to be very beneficial. Save on the mobile data the apps use by turning off push notifications. You can also limit the size of files downloaded over your mobile connection to make sure there is no drain on data and your wallet.

Optimise your Mobile Hotspot by Limiting the Size of Downloads

Your mobile hotspot will work faster and eat up less data if you limit your downloads to small files. Documents, web pages and emails take up less data. However, if you like streaming videos or even music to watch and listen when you are working, keep in mind that data usage is going to be high. Plus, you can also save on your battery.