FAQ – Online Web Recharge

What is online reload?

Online reload is a simple and convenient way to reload your Hutch pre-paid connection instantly through any local VISA/MASTER credit or debit card.

Why online reload?

With online reload Hutch you will have the convenience of recharging instantly any time of day throughout 365 days of the year. You can reload at the comfort of your home or office without walking to a shop and standing in queues.

Can I access the Hutch Online Recharge Portal when my account has Zero Credit & Zero Data?

Sorry you cannot make an online recharge, if you have No Hutch Account Balance and Data Balance left. However you can make use of our ‘Ask for credit’ facility to obtain a loan and then log into Online Recharge Portal.

Who can use this service?

Any Hutch pre-paid customer can reload online provided you have a local Visa/ Master debit or credit card.

Can I purchase special pre-paid packs online?

Any Hutch pre-paid customer can purchase special prepaid packs online. You can purchase custom made pre-paid packs by selecting “Buy Special Pre-paid Pack” section or by entering the denomination required to purchase pack.

How to access online reload service ?

Simply log to www.hutch.lk and select reload online under payments section. Or Click on reload online icon on main page of Hutch web site

Can International credit/debit cards be used to reload online here?

Sorry you cannot use any International credit/debit cards via this portal. However you can use other payment gateways (eg: Ding.com) to reload online through your International credit/debit cards.


Which debit/Credit cards can I use ?

You can use any local Visa / Master debit/credit card from any local bank.

Quick Guide to Reload Online

Step 1 – Customer verification

*Mandatory fields to be filled

Step 2 – Credit / Debit card verification

On completion of above you will be redirected to Sampath Bank payment gateway for credit/debit card verification

Quick guide to purchase special Pre-paid pack

Step 1 – Pack selection

  • Select preferred pack type
  • Select preferred pack

Step 2 – Customer verification

*Mandatory fields to be filled

Step 3 – Credit / Debit card details

On completion of above you will be redirected to Sampath Bank payment gateway for credit/debit card verification

More FAQ

Will I receive confirmation on transaction?

  • On successful transaction, confirmation text (in green) will appear on Hutch payment site / If unsuccessful, reason for failure (in red) will appear on Hutch Payment site
  • Acknowledgment receipt will be sent to provided Email address
  • SMS confirmation on credited reload amount will be sent to the Hutch Pre-paid number

How do I check if reload amount is credited to my Hutch prepaid account ?

Dial *344# and check balance after transaction

Is there a limit for online reload transactions?

  • Maximum amount per transaction – Rs.6,000
  • Maximum transactions per card – 2 per day

Is there any additional charge levied by Hutch?

No. There is no additional charges by Hutch for this recharge service.

How secure is it to reload online?

Hutch has partnered with Sampath Bank in order to provide highest security for the customers when transacting online.