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Essential Information

“Essential information from Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to anyone possessing a mobile phone”


  • Is someone else using a mobile SIM acquired under your name ?

    Stay alert!!! You will be responsible for calls made by someone else under your name. Purchase a network connection or a mobile phone SIM package that has been approved by the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (Approved number is mentioned on the sim pack). To find out if the SIM card has been registered under your name, type #132# from your mobile phone and click send.

  • Do you receive abusive or threatening calls or text messages?

    Remain calm and act responsibly. Refrain from reacting to such instances. Lodge a complaint at your local police station and then refer to your respective telecommunication network with the relevant information.

  • If you receive a text message indicating a large sum of prize money

    Do not get excited.

    Contact your telecommunication provider and confirm credibility of the information received. Refrain from accepting fake prize notifications and from agreeing to credit accounts of third parties, as this can be a hoax.

  • When purchasing a mobile phone:

    If you are looking forward to purchase a certain mobile phone and want to confirm that the product is a genuine product, acquire the IMEI number of that particular phone, type it in a text message from any other phone and send to 1909, as shown below.

    IMEI (space) 15 digit IMEI number

    It is illegal to manufacture, import, sell, conduct outlet operations, to lease out relevant outlets or even to maintain such establishments related to the business of mobile and other devices without acquiring a business license from the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

    Purchase mobile devices only from an outlet or store that displays their business license acquired from the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

  • Steps to follow if you lose or misplace your mobile phone device?

    Cancel your mobile connection with your network provider. Lodge a complaint at your local police station and along with a copy of the entry, arrange a copy of your National Identity Card and state the date of loss, details of the contact number and the IMEI number and include these in a request form and produce it to: Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

  • Are you misusing your mobile phone?

    Understand the purpose of using your mobile phone and refrain from misusing it at any time. This would mean keeping away from mannerisms that would cause disturbance or aggravation towards another individual. Engaging in such actions would lead to prosecution. (Telecommunications Regulatory Act)

  • The Mobile number you obtain is not for your ownership

    Mobile contact numbers issued to you is a limited national asset.

    Your telecommunication company would grant your mobile contact number to another user in the event of it being found that your bill payments haven’t been fully met and therefore disconnected or if the contact number is found to be inactive for a longer period of time.

  • Your mobile service dilemmas

    Contact your telecommunication provider with issues related to bill payment confusions, new connection concerns or unwanted or irrelevant contacts and calls to your mobile phone so that such issues can be addressed accordingly.

    If you are unhappy with the response from your telecom provider, then write to us. We are committed to extending our efficient and cordial services to you.

    Deputy Directress (Operations) Customer Complaints/Public Relations Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) 276, Elvitigala Mawatha Colombo 08

    Instant requests: 1900

    011-2662222 011-2662215 011-2662216

  • “Before misplacing or losing your mobile phone device, note down your mobile IMEI number…”

    In the event you loose or misplace your mobile phone, you will require the IMEI number to trace your device. To receive this, type *#06#

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