SMS Chat

Register a nickname, join a Chat Spot and start chatting with other chatters! Hutch SMS Chat connects you with other Hutch users without disclosing your number or real identity. Start Chatting and make new friends or even find your soulmate!

  • Type REG <space> Nickname you wish to have & SMS to 931
  • Rs.2+tax per day(20 free SMS daily!) After free quota, only Rs. 0.15+tax per SMS.
Required actionKeyword / Instructions
RegisterREG <space> Nickname you prefer
Shows you the available chat spots (Chat rooms)SPOTS
Join a Chat SpotJOIN <space> Spot Name
Get instructions on how to send chat messagesHELP
View the list of chatters in the Chat Spot you joinedPPL
Send a message to all chatters in the Chat Spot you joinedType your message & send to 931
Send a private message to a chat spot memberMembers nickname <space> Message
Eg : NIKKY Hello! How are you?
Buzz a chatter who is registered to SMS Chat but currently not in a Chat SpotBUZZ <space> Friend’s nick name
Block all private messages. You will not receive any private messages from any other chatters.BLOCK
Resume messages from all users (If you have already blocked)UNBLOCK
Block private messages from a particular userBLOCK <space> Nickname you wish to block
Resume private messages from a particular user (If you have already blocked)UNBLOCK <space> Nickname
View your personal details – Nickname, joined date, blocked users & alerts statusVIEW
Invite another Hutch user to subscribe to SMS ChatINVITE <space> Hutch Number
Eg : INVITE 0781234567
Stop receiving alerts when you log out from SMS ChatALERTS OFF
Resume alertsALERTS ON
Log out from the Chat Spot (but stay subscribed to SMS Chat)QUIT
Unregister from SMS ChatUNREG