Danumayi Miliyanayayi Quiz

Hutch Danumayi Miliyanayayi Quiz Game is a general knowledge quiz service which helps you to improve your knowledge by spending your leisure time in a useful way while having fun.

Promotion Period

Start Date : 16/07/2022 End Date : 30/04/2023


Seasons Place Name Kelaniya
2019 Augst 8th to 2020 February 9th 1st Place Mr. J.M.WA. Dharamarathne Kelaniya
2nd Place Mr. M.H.M. Najubudeen Colombo 10
3rd Place Mr. A.H.R. Mohamed Puttalam
2020 February 10th to 2020 September 30th 1st Place Mrs. M.S.G. Samanmali Morwaka
2nd Place Mr. Y.K.P.P. Senanayaka Colombo 05
3rd Place Mr. B.M.A. S.Sripali Kithulhitiyawa (Dambulla)
2020 October 1st to 2021 April 30th 1st Place Mr. K.L.L.S. Kumara Athurugiriya
2nd Place Mr. A.A.M.C.Premalal Seeduwa
3rd Place Mr. G.C.A.Shantha Buttala
2021 May 1st to 2021 October 31st 1st Place Mrs. S.K.K. Karunarathna Piliyandala
2nd Place Mrs. A.C. Pahmidha Puttalam
3rd Place Mr. J.A.D.R. Nandana Maththumagala (Ragama)


  • What is Hutch DM Quiz game?
    Hutch Danumayi Miliyanayayi Quiz Game is a general knowledge quiz service which helps you to improve your knowledge by spending your leisure time in a useful way while having fun. This game can be played via SMS, Web and using Danumayi Miliyanayayi Android app. Users with 072 and 078 numbers can participate in the game. One campaign will run for 9 months and you will be charge Rs.6 + tax per day and offer you 10 questions.
  • How do we get questions from this quiz?
    After subscribing and registering to the game, you will get 10 questions per day. Alternatively you can send ASK command to receive questions
  • Can I invite a friend of mine to the game?
    Yes, you can. To invite friends, Type INVITE and send to 6633. Mention the mobile number of the friend/s you need to invite and they will receive an invitation asking to register to the quiz app. You will receive extra 20 marks per registered invitation you invite.
  • How to answer a question?
    There are 3 answers per question. The answer should be either A / B / C. – If you think the correct answer is A; Type A and send it to 6633 – If the answer is B; Type B and send it to 6633 – If the answer is in C; Type C and send it to 6633 Example; Qn. Who is the Australian cricketer from the following? A. Ryan McLaren B. Alex Hales C. George Bailey
  • What is Happy Hour?
    Play during the ‘Happy Hour’ time period will double your score. 10:00-12:00, 19:00-20:00 will be named as Happy Hours.
  • Can I get more questions than 10 per day?
    If you have answered all 10 questions, your daily quota will be over, but if you wish to continue to play more, you can purchase 5 more questions for Rs.6 + tax. You can only purchase extra 15 chances per day.
  • How do I win grand prizes?
    At the end of the Season, 3 winners will be selected via a draw. The number of winning chances in the grand draw for a user is proportional to the number of points the user has scored.
  • How to get registered to the game ?
    Type WIN and send to 6633 You will be charged Rs.6 + Tax daily after getting registered To unsubscribe, Type STOP and send to 6633
  • What are the basic commands to play this game?
    To get help ; Type HELP and send to 6633 You will receive all the supported commands and usages. To Play ; Type ASK and send to 6633 You will receive questions. After answering the received question you will receive the next question accordingly. To check the Score ; Type POINTS and to 6633 You will receive the total runs, total correct answers count, total wrong answer count and the current position.
  • Can I play quiz in my language of choice?
    Yes. You can play in either English, Sinhala or Tamil. To select/change the language ; Type and send to 6633
    To play in Sinhala language Type ‘S’
    To play in English language Type ‘E’
    To play in Tamil language Type ‘T’
  • How do we score points?
    If you couldn’t answer for a question in two attempts you will get another question. For the 10th question you will get bonus points. If you couldn’t answer any questions or if you get the wrong answer, no points would be reduced from your total score. You will receive the 6th question as a danger question.

    Points Scheme for correct answer

    First Attempt Second Attempt
    Standard Question 10 5
    Bonus Question 100 50
    Danger Question 10 5
  • What is Danger Question?
    In danger questions, if you give the wrong answer in your first attempt 50 points will be deducted from your total score. And if you get it wrong in your second attempt, 20 points will be deducted.