cliQ Break Free Internet

Are you constantly living in fear of your Data running out when you really need it? Be it while you want to watch a movie, booking a taxi, buying something online, navigating while you drive or sharing a special moment on video with friends.

You no longer have to worry about this!

We’ve got cliQ for you.

cliQ offers you the freedom of streaming movies, listening to your favourite music, watching YouTube videos, being active on popular Social Media apps or even keeping you connected with your loved ones through messaging apps. Now you do not have to miss out on the latest action or worry about running out of quota with cliQ app.

cliQ app is available for both Hutch (072 & 078) Pre-paid & Post-paid subscribers. Get connected to cliQ and experience a sense of limitless data plans while being anywhere in Sri Lanka.

plans only

Download the cliQ app from the following market places

cliQ price plans

PlansPrice incl. taxFUP Applied Limit (GB)Avg Speed before FUP (Mbps)Max Speed after FUP (Mbps)
15 mins140.3531
30 mins200.35
1 hour250.35
4 hour401.50
1 day651.50
2 days1203.50
7 days2986.00
10 days3986.00
15 days49715.00
30 days99830.00

*FUP is applied to curtail misuse of the benefit among a smaller group of users who may affect the experience of majority of users on the network. Upon reaching the FUP users will experience a maximum speed of 1Mbps. This speed will still be sufficient to stream videos and browse through applications such as FB offering you continuous data experience.

Product Details

  • Available for Android and iOS (Version 9.0 upwards) smartphones
  • When purchasing time-based internet packages through cliQ, Pre Paid customers will be charged from your prepaid account balance, while the charges for Post Paid will be added to your monthly bill.
  • Prices include all government taxes.
  • Multiple packs can be purchased and the duration will be accumulated
  • Remaining time duration to use will be shown in the app.
  • Any of the standard prepaid data plans or post-paid data add-ons can be used along with this app
  • Pay as you go data charging (Charging from the reload money you have in your account) for browsing will be blocked after registering for the app in order to avoid charges that can happen due to phone syncing, applications updates, etc.
  • If you want to enable Pay as you go data again, the app will have to be unregistered.

cliQ FAQs

cliQ plans offer you the freedom to browse, stream or download from the internet without worrying about running out of Quota.

cliQ offers you unlimited time based plans starting from 1hour to 30 days on 3G Network. 4G plans will soon be introduced on cliQ app.

Yes, the cliQ plans are now available for 078 & 072 users.

Upon upgrading to the new app version, you will have better app experience and will be able to activate improved unlimited data plans.

Yes, cliQ app is available both iOS & Android device users.
However, the app will work only Android versions higher than 4.0.

Yes, cliQ plans can be activated by both Pre-paid & Post-paid Hutch subscribers.

You need to download the cliQ app from the Google Play store or Apple app store and register to the app with a 078 or 072 number.

You need to have an active 078 or 072 number to register to the app. Once you enter the number that you wish to register with, you will then receive an authentication code via SMS which needs to be entered to the app.

Once the authentication is verified you will be successfully registered to the app where you can buy cliQ plans.

There are no limits applicable on the plans. They are designed to offer a truly unlimited experience for Smartphone users.

However, an FUP will be applied to curtail misuse of the benefit and offer all subscribers an equal experience. Upon reaching the FUP users will experience a maximum speed of 1Mbps. This speed will still be sufficient to stream videos and browse through applications such as FB offering you continuous data experience.

We will be shortly launching a range of special 4G cliQ plans on the cliQ app for your enjoyment.

Presently cliQ plans are only offered on our 3G network. Once you purchase a cliQ plan you will be shifted to 3G signals. However you will return to 4G signals once the plan duration expires.

If you wish to experience 4G while having an active 3G cliQ plan, you have to unregister from the cliQ app or wait until you plan expires.

Yes, You can continue to use data from your standard quota balances ,but the pay as you go service (credit balance) will be disabled to ensure that you do not experience bill shock or credit balance being consumed from any background Data sessions.

Yes, you can activate multiple plans on this App and the Timer will accumulate on the clock visible on the App.

The plan duration will be accumulated to any active plan that you already have.

I.e. IF you have 2 hours remaining your app and you buy 2 more 6hr plans, the timer will get extended to 14 hours (2+6+6).

Once you unregister from the cliQ app new version, you will lose any remaining time from a cliQ plan (Free or Paid).

If you view YouTube, the usage will be deducted from the YouTube plan while other usages will be deducted from cliQ plan.