*Speeds upto 10 Mbps

cliQ – Break Free Internet


Worried about running out of Data when you need it the most? With cliQ, You only pay for a time period purchased and not by Data quota! With this you can now enjoy unlimited Movie times, YouTube, Follow your favorite personality on TikTok, or be an Instagram maestro without worrying about running out of Data! Hutch cliQ Data packages are available for both 078 and 072 subscribers on both Pre-paid and Post-paid plans.

Be it Work, Study or Play cliQ offers a variety of time options on both 3G and 4G to suit your Data needs.

Download cliQ App to your mobile with a Hutch SIM and choose an array of Non-stop Internet plans that fits your needs and budget by clicking below link!

Download the cliQ app onto your Hutch number and choose a range of Non-Stop internet plans that fits your need and budget anytime.

Download on :

*1 cliQ Break Free Plans are Non-Stop however extreme usage will be applied reasonable FUP speeds

Product Details

  • Available for Android and iOS (Version 9.0 upwards) smartphones
  • When purchasing time-based internet packages through the cliQ app, Pre Paid customers will be charged from your prepaid account balance, while the charges for Post Paid will be added to your monthly bill.
  • Prices reflected in the app are inclusive of government taxes
  • Multiple packs can be purchased and the purchased duration will be accumulated.
  • The remaining duration from the plans purchased will be visible in the app.
  • Any of the standard prepaid data plans can be added on or used when you do not have an active cliQ plan.
  • For a better experience, ‘Pay as you go data’ charging (Charging from reload money or running add to bill) for data consumption whilst not having an active cliQ plan will be disabled to avoid unplanned data charges.
  • If you want to enable ‘Pay as you go data’, you could do so by unregistering from the app (not un-installing).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of cliQ?
    cliQ plans offer you the freedom to browse, stream or download from the internet without ever worrying about running out of Data quota.
    cliQ offers you Non-Stop data for whatever duration be it an hour or a month!
  • Why are there cliQ 4G plans & cliQ 3G plans?
    Customers can have a choice of choosing between 4G plans and 3G plans depending on the need and budget. 4G being the latest technology will be faster and have wider coverage than 3G and so can deliver an enhanced experience. 3G however is still good enough for most users. So whilst the 4G cliQ is great value for money for a great endless Data experience, 3G cliQ can be a more affordable alternative.
  • Is cliQ available for both 072 & 078 Hutch connections?
    Yes, the cliQ plans are available for both 078 & 072 users.
  • Is cliQ available on both iOS & Android?
    Yes, cliQ app is available both iOS & Android device users.
    However, the app will work only Android versions higher than 4.0.
  • Are cliQ plans available for Pre-paid & Post-paid users?
    Yes, cliQ plans can be activated by both Pre-paid & Post-paid Hutch subscribers as and when needed
  • How can I activate cliQ plans?
    You first need to download the cliQ app from the Google Play store or Apple app store and follow a 1 minute registration process. Once you have signed in, you simply need to cliQ the plan of your choice to purchase. You would need to ensure you have sufficient balance in your mobile account to make the purchase.
  • How do I register to the app?
    You need to have an active 078 or 072 number to register to the app. Once you enter the number that you wish to register with, you will then receive an authentication code via SMS which needs to be entered into the app.
    Once the authentication is verified you will be successfully registered to the app where you can then buy cliQ plans.
  • Are cliQ plans truly Non-Stop ?
    Yes, cliQ plans are designed to give a true non-stop data experience for the entire duration of the plan bearing in mind a
    smartphone users.
    To ensure fair experience amongst all users, users who generate extreme usage beyond a reasonable point will be applied a
    speed of 1Mbps for remainder of the period. 1Mbps speed ensures sufficient speed to operate all popular mobile
    applications including video streaming services buffer free at standard resolution.
    You can use upto following volumes at the standard plan speed before 1Mbps speed applies:

    cliQ 4G Break Free plans

    Plans Price incl. tax Fair User Policy applies after (GB) Average speed of experience before FUP (Mbps) speed offered after FUP (Mbps)
    2 day 155 7.50
    7 day 515 15.00
    10 day 586 15.00 10 1
    15 day 720 20.00
    30 day 1290 35.00

    cliQ 3G Break Free plans

    Plans Price incl. tax Fair User Policy applies after (GB) Average speed of experience before FUP (Mbps) speed offered after FUP (Mbps)
    15 min 15 0.35
    30 min 21 0.35
    1 Hour 26 0.35
    4 hour 42 1.50 3 Mbps 1 Mbps
    1 day 68 1.50
    2 day 125 3.50
    7 day 310 6.00
    10 day 413 6.00
    15 day 515 15.00
    30 day 1,035 30.00
  • What is the difference between ‘4G’ Plans & ‘3G Only’ plans?
    Both plans are designed to offer you a Non-Stop data experience. ‘4Gplans’ will allow you to use both 4G & 3G networks wherever and whichever is available with priority set to 4G
    3G only plans will however only operate on the 3G network throughout the validity of 3G plan.
  • What will happen if I activate a 3G ONLY cliQ Plan while having a 4G signal ?
    If you purchase a 3G cliQ plan you will be automatically shifted to the 3G network. However you will return to 4G network once the 3G cliQ plan duration expires.
    The re-selection of network is dependent on your device & if you happen to experience a delay in switching back to the 4G network, please activate ‘AIRPLANE MODE’ on your device for 20 secs and DISABLE it. This allow your device to latch back to the 4G network.
  • I still want to experience 4G signals while having a 3G cliQ plan?
    You will not be able to experience 4G whilst having a 3G cliQ plan active. You will have to either wait till the expiry of the 3G cliQ plan, or choose to force expire it by ‘unregistering’ from the cliQ app (not uninstall) through the settings menu in the cliQ app.
  • I have purchased a 4G cliQ plan but I am not getting 4G signals.
    Firstly, you must have a 4G enabled SIM. To check if your SIM is 4G or not, Dial *127#. All SIMs sold since beginning of 2018 are 4G ready. You can get a 4G SIM delivered to you for FREE by ordering on https://hutch.lk/4g-sim-upgrade/
    You must also be on a 4G device & in Hutch 4G coverage which now spans most of the island.
  • Why am I not seeing the 4G signals once the 3G ONLY plan expires?
    The re-selection of network is dependent on the device. For most phones, the return to 4G upon expiry of 3G Only plan happens automatically.
    However, if you are experiencing that the return to 4G did not automatically happen, you may try the following steps.
    Step 1
    Switch on ‘AIRPLANE MODE’ on your device settings for 20 secs and then switch it off again. If this did not work, perform step 2 below.
    Step 2
    Un-register from the app (not un-install) & re-start the phone. You can register back into the app when you need to purchase a plan.
  • When I finish my active cliQ plan duration can I use data from my standard plan balance?
    Yes, you can use data from standard quota pack balances. The pay as you go service which use your monetary account balances however will be disabled to ensure that you do not experience bill shock from data consumed from any background Data sessions after the expiry of the Plan.
  • Can I activate multiple plans on the app?
    Yes, you can activate multiple plans ‘under the same category’ on the App and the total duration available will accumulate on the clock which is visible in the App.
    I.e. you can activate multiple 4G cliQ plans or multiple 3G cliQ plans whilst having already an active plan 4G or 3G plan. You will not be able to mix multiple pack activations of 4G cliQ & 3G cliQ at the same time. What will happen when I activate multiple plans?
    The plan duration will be accumulated to any active plan that you already have.
    I.e. IF you have 2 hours remaining your app and you buy 2 more 6hr plans, the timer will get extended to 14 hours (2+6+6).
  • Can I activate 3G & 4G plans together?
    You can ONLY buy a single type of plan at a time. If you have already purchased & have remaining time available from a 3G plan, you cannot buy a 4G plan & neither can you activate a 3G plan while having remaining time on a 4G plan.
  • How Can I activate a 4G plan while having a 3G plan?
    You may need to wait until the 3G plan expires or you could force expire the plan if you wish to.
    To force expire the plan, you can Unregister (not uninstall) from the cliQ app which is in the app settings menu. This will then remove all your existing active cliQ plans. You can then re-register to the cliQ app again and purchase a 4G cliQ plan.
  • How Can I activate a 3G plan while having a 4G plan?
    You may need to wait until the 4G plan expires or you could force expire the plan should you wish to.
    To force expire the plan, you can Unregister (not uninstall) from the cliQ app which is in the app settings menu. This will then remove all your existing active cliQ plans. You can then re-register to the cliQ app again and purchase a 3G cliQ plan.
  • What will happen if I unregister from the cliQ app?
    Once you unregister from the cliQ app, you will lose any active or queued cliQ plans you have.
  • What If I have an Non-Stop YouTube plan & a cliQ plan together?
    If you view YouTube, the usage will be deducted from the YouTube plan first while other usages will be deducted from cliQ plan.