Is the internet really a safe place for your children?

As an adult you are well aware of the dangers that lurk online in the form of harmful content.

Pornography and violence, adults disguised as children looking to obtain personal information to harm your child and in-app purchases are a few of the many dangers that children may come across as they browse the internet unsupervised.

With the present day demands and lifestyle, it is not practical to eliminate devices from your child’s life and completely restrict internet access. Online schooling, educational videos and content as well as online projects are an integral part of the modern student’s life.

It is impossible to always supervise your child’s online behavior with the demands of the fast-paced life you live as an adult.

So how can you keep your kids safe online as they get the best of the online world while you attend to the demands of your life?


Introducing HUTCH Junior Internet Guard!

For the first time in Sri Lanka, a Telecom operator has introduced an effective way to help you Protect, Track & Understand your little ones time spent ONLINE.

With HUTCH Junior Internet Guard we now offer regulated and safe internet for your child.

Safe internet

The Internet is vast network of sites and apps that host content that may be beneficial for your child’s education and growth.

Superior security

Unlike a regular parental control app the HUTCH Junior Internet Guard doesn’t require you to install any app on your child’s device.

Data regulation

Set a maximum usable data limit for the day and control the amount of time your child spends online.


Enjoy the service for FREE during the first 30 days and thereafter it is offered at a Nominal rate of Rs 200 per month.

So get on board! Empower your child with regulated and responsible internet habits which allow them to browse the web safely with HUTCH Junior Internet Guard.

HUTCH Junior Internet Guard Tutorials

Download the latest HUTCH App to subscribe for the service.

Subscribe with parent & child sperate connections


Subscribe with child connection


Control data usage


Set time controls


Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Internet guard is a service that enables you to manage your childs online presence while protecting them from harmful & inapproriate content while browsing internet on a HUTCH mobile number. This service will also help for you to regulate your childs internet access and minimize excessive usage thus helping you control your spend on on internet spend each month.

You will benefit from the following :
  • Safe Internet - Which allows you to block access to harmful or inappropriate content.
  • Set daily data maximum Quota limits on the amount of GB that can be consumed.
  • Allow to limit the time of the day internet can be accessed on prefered days of the week.
  • Ability manage the service through HUTCH app and view information related to the above services in a very simple layout.

Hutch app – Recommended option to activate the service since the Hutch app is required to manage your childs account;

You can subscribe to the service by clicking on ‘Junior Internet Guard’ on the side menu or by clicking on ‘Junior Internet’ icon in the shortcuts menu at the bottom of screen.

USSD – Dial *131# to activate

This will enable Content filtering ONLY, to manage the Junior Internet Guard features you will need to use the Hutch App.

Yes, you can subscribe to the service on your childs number by registering the same number as ‘Parent & Child’ numbers. However, please note that this is not the most secure method since the child has the ability to access the parental controls. To avoid the afore situation we recommend Parent & Child profiles to be on two separate numbers.

Yes, you can subscribe to the service on your number by registering the same number as ‘Parent & Child’ numbers. However, please note that the safe internet & parental control rules will be applicable when you are accessing as well. To avoid the afore situation we recommend Parent & Child numbers to be separate numbers.

Yes, both the parent & child numbers MUST be Hutch connection/s to enjoy the service.

Yes, you can subscribe the service for multiple connections used by multiple children, or same child.
The subscription fee will be charged on each individual connection that’s registered to the service.

Yes, the service will be avaiable for both Prepaid & Postpaid connections.

At the point of subscribing, you have the option of enabling the service on your number where parent & child numbers will be the same or You can also activate it for a different number where your number will be tagged as Parent & the second number will defined as a child.

Which ever number you define as Parent number will have the right to set Parental controls & monitor usage trends of the child number via Hutch app.

Child number is to which safe internet conditions will be applied (if same number is entered as Parent & Child, then managing rules and application of rules both will be on the same number).

This service allows you to control your childs data usage by setting daily limits. You are able to set the limits in the following manner;

  • Set an overall daily quota limit: The limit set will be applied as a cap on total daily data usage allowed. Ex: if you set 2GB as the total allowed, once child reaches 2GB the connectionn will be barred from accessing internet until midnight.
  • Set an application wise daily quota: You are able to set quota limits to be used on popular applications. Ex: You can set a 1GB limit on YouTube per day, the service will then monitor the application wise quota consumption and bar that particular application once limit is reached. i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, WhatsApp

Note: If you have set limits on both categories, the overall daily quota limit will take precedence over application wise controls.

This service allows you to control your childs time spent on the internet by setting daily limits or even controlling access to specific time bands.

  • Set max daily limit of hours to stay connected to internet: The limit set will be applied as a cap on total hours spent on the internet by child. Ex: if you set a 2hr limit as the total allowed, the connection will calculate the total duration the child uses the internet actively.
  • Set internet restrictions for specific time bands in a day: You are able to set access controls to specific time bands in a day. You may set the restriction based on the day of the week according to childs schedules. Ex: You may block ‘Internet’ as whole during late night until morning or even popular apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, TikTok, WhatsApp

Once the Safe Interent Service is activated , it will block the mobile number from accessing any websites or applications deemed harmful for children and adolescents . The content is updated and managed through the internationally acclaimed bodies such as IWF & BPJM who are specialied in making the internet a safer place for children.

The following content or apps are considered as harmful content categories;

  • Adult & Pornographic
  • Sites related to Child sexual abuse
  • Virus & Malware
  • Phishing
  • Sites selling or advertising drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco
  • Sites devoted to Racism & Terrorism
  • Online Dating/li>
  • Gambling related
  • Promoting plagerism
  • Other Inappropriate content sites

** please note content within secured applications such as YouTube or TikTok cannot be filtered by this service.

Safe internet feature cannot be applied in the following instances;

a. If the child connection is accessing an application which is considered ‘safe’, Safe internet feature will not be capable of monitoring content within the application.

i.e. If the child is accessing YouTube app which is a ‘safe’ app, the content within the app cannot be filtered by service as they are encrypted. This is the case in similar apps such as Facebook & TikTok.

b. If the child connection is using a VPN connection to access internet, this will mask the content accessed by the child. Therefore, please monitor the child device for any VPN applications that might be installed to bypass this feature. We will try our best to identify subscribers using VPNs but due to the constantly evolving apps on the web, we would need the parents to also be vigilant on this.

This is remote a possibility since the internet being vast domain where new sites & applications are introduced every moment therefore the there could be delays in our partners picking such content. But you are welcome to update such sites into the database by your own , to do this follow these steps :

Open Hutch app ➡ Junior Internet ➡ Advanced tab ➡ Report Website

Also please ensure that the device has not installed any 3rd party VPN apps because this will bypass our filtering rules.

This is a report which analyzes your child data usage by content category and gives you an overall rating. Rating is only meant as an insight for you to advise & guide the children in being responsible internet users.

Such sites or apps will not load on the device, furthermore, if you have enabled enabled get alert service in the ‘Advanced’ section you will receive a SMS & email notification with attempts made to access such content.

Billing Related Frequently Asked Questions

The 1st month of the service is offered FREE of charge for all customers to Trial the service.
Thereafter, service will be offered at a nominal rate of Rs 200 per Month( inclusive all taxes and levies)per Mobile connection added for the service

You will be charged service fee of Rs 200 per connection from the 2nd month onwards.

The service fee will be charged on the child numbers added hence you will have to ensure sufficient balance is maintained for the service to renew.

We will bill for the service on pro rated basis and provide you the service for the number days relavant to the billed value.

Ex: If your childs number has only Rs 100, the system will deduct Rs 93.38 & enable Junior internet service for 14 days on your childs number & reattempt renewal of subscription on 15th Day.

You can visit the Junior Internet Guard dashboard where the current service status & next bill date is published for your convenience.

To that you continue to enjoy the service, we will renew the service for 5 days on loan and recover the service fees provided on loan recharge or when credit become available to bill for the service.

The 5 days of service fee on loan will be valued at Rs 33.35.

Once the 5 day loan period is over, the service will be suspended untill we are able recover loan value and renewal subscription fee for atleast 1 day.