Call Management

  • Call Management

    Hutch Advanced Missed Call Alerts displays all the missed calls you have received while you were not available on the network straight in your call log once you are back.

    The service gives you great convenience, so that you don’t have to be running through your SMS inbox anymore looking for missed call alerts and miss out on calling back!

    This service is totally FREE and can be used in any of the following alert options:

    Call Log + SMS Alert

    Call Log Only

    SMS Only

    Option 1 is activated by default and can be changed as per your choice dialing *144#

    I’m Available Alerts (new) – FREE Service offered by Hutch

    Send ‘I’m Available Alerts’ to those who tried to contact you while you were out of reach (out of service/phone switched off).

    Let us inform your callers when you are back on the network on your behalf. All you have to do is just answer the call.

    Dial *144*2# to activate.


    How does this service work?

    This service will notify the callers who tried to call you while you were out of reach once you’re back on network.

    How do I activate the service?

    Simply dial *144*2# to register for the service free of charge

    What happens if someone calls me several times while my phone was switched off?

    Called party will get only one SMS alert notifying your availability once you are back on the network.

    Do I have to pay for this service?

    No. This service is absolutely FREE.

    Is this service available for both prepaid & postpaid subs?


    How do I receive alerts?

    You will receive alerts via SMS

    How do I deactivate the service?

    You can deactivate the service simply by dialing *144*2*1#

  • Call Forwarding

    This is a useful feature if your mobile phone is switched off. All you need to do is simply forward all calls from your Hutch mobile number to any fixed or mobile line of your choice.

    How to activate

    To a Fixed Line Press *21*

    Ex: dial *21*0112645734# and send

    To a Mobile Line press *21*

    Ex: *21*0776748934# and send

    To deactivate this feature Press #21# and send

  • Call Waiting

    When you are on a call and someone else is trying to contact you, your phone will alert you of the incoming call with a beep.

    To get connected to the 2nd caller press the “OK” key

    To activate Call Waiting – Dial *43#

    To de-activate Call Waiting – Dial #43#

  • Call Me Back

    Out of credit? Need to get through to someone in an emergency? With this cool new FREE feature from Hutch, you can send a message asking any Hutch user to call you back.



    Hutch number#. It’s that easy!