Boosting Mobile Internet Speed

Boosting Mobile Internet Speed – For a Faster Smartphone Experience The modern smartphone relies heavily on a fast internet speed to reach its full potential. To be realistic, we must admit that a large percentage of people see the internet as a staple necessity. So, how do you merge the most demanded tools of modern society – mobile technology and internet speed? Do read on to get educated on boosting mobile internet speeds on your smartphone.

1. Check your Phones Cache If your smartphone is slow when browsing the internet and you are looking at boosting mobile internet speeds, the first factor to consider is checking the cache on your mobile phone. The cache memory is often the culprit for reducing the internet browsing speeds of your smartphone. Cache memory can easily fill up as you browse websites and download apps to your phone. Hence, a regular clearing of the cache memory may be the only action you need to perform, in order to increase your phones browsing speeds.

2. Check and Uninstall Unnecessary Apps If the former does not speed up the browsing speed of your smartphone, go to settings and explore the ‘App’ list. Decide on which apps you really need and which you don’t really use. Unnecessary collection of apps on your smartphone will not only slow internet performance, but will cause your phone to respond slower. Uninstall all apps you have not been using and refresh your phone memory by clearing out the cache memory. This action will help your smartphone perform better and make full use of the speedy mobile data connections on offer at Hutch.

3. Select 3G Network Selection Fundamentally, just about every smartphone user with an internet connection understands that a 3G network is much faster than a 2G. Besides, you can now choose 4G connections, which is, by far, much superior in terms of internet browsing speeds of 2G and 3G. Essentially, we are now of a fast developing 5G technology, and once this 5th generation internet browsing technology is 100%, you will be able to enjoy an ultra-fast browsing experience. To enable this change go to Network Settings and change your ‘Preferred Network Connection’ to 3G, 4G or 5G as available.

4. Text Mode Must Be Enabled Here’s a smart little trick to increase the browsing speed of your smartphone. If you are only looking for text when browsing and the images are not necessary, then go to the browser of your smartphone and enable ‘text-only’ mode. This action will indeed significantly increase the browsing speeds of your phone.

5. Choose the Faster Web Browser for your Smartphone Choosing the fastest web browser that works for your type of mobile phone is another way to increase its internet browsing speeds. There are a number of web-browsers to choose from such as Google Chrome, UC Browser etc. which offer a faster browsing experience. There you go folks; some tips on increasing your smartphone web browsing speed; experiment and see which one does the trick.