• What is BID2WIN?

    BID2WIN is a mobile bidding competition that enables via mobile where the bidder can win by becoming the lowest and the most unique bidder. Customers can bid on daily basis and gifts will be given away weekly.

    Competition will be open to the subscribers on broadcast media or via SMS where they can get to know about the gifts to be won as well as winning results.

  • Price

    Subscription fee is Rs.6 + taxes per day and customer can place 4 bids per day for the said subscription fee. If the subscriber requires more bidding chances he will be charged additional Rs.6 for 4 additional bidding opportunities.

  • How the Game works

    Each bidder is notified with the current status of the competition. If the customer holds a unique and lowest bid he will be notified via SMS. If the customers bid becomes non-unique or higher than the lowest bid customer will get a SMS notification to encourage more bidding attempts.