No More Night Time Data Wastage!


Any Time Plans

Enjoy 100% of your mobile data when you need it the most with HUTCH - Anytime, Anywhere!

HUTCH Anytime Data Quota plans brings you 100% data offering you the best available Anytime Data Quotas for 3G and 4G subscribers in Sri Lanka!






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  • What is the benefit Anytime quota plans offer me?

    The Anytime plans are designed to offer you all the data as 100% anytime without time restrictions, so that you don’t have to worry about not having enough quota when you need it or not being able to fully utilize given night quotas. This will offer you the opportunity to use the total quota offered compared to loosing un-utilized night quota on the other plans. The plan also offers you the highest anytime quota available out there.

  • Why have you decided to introduce such a quota plan?

    We have understood customers' requests to convert night quota to anytime quota considering that most of the night quota is not utilized. This plan offers 100% anytime quota by converting night quota to anytime quota

  • Why is there a difference on total Quota between the Anytime quota plans and the current (Day + Night) Quota plans?

    As we understand that there are users who prefer full liberty of using only Anytime Data Quota we have converted the unpopular and less valued Night quota to more valuable Anytime quota. However, if you are still interested in having a higher total quota with both Anytime and Night quotas, subscribers can still opt for the Day & Night plans which will still be offered. Click Here to check out Day & Night plans

  • Is this plan available for both Pre & Post?

    Yes, Anytime plans can be activated by both Prepaid & Postpaid plan users as a One-time add on plan.

*Applicable government taxes are included

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