Add-On Internet Plans

Need an Internet plan on top of your existing plan? Or did you run out of your allocated Internet quota? With Hutch add on internet plans you could surf the internet without constraints of surfing on your Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC.

These plans are designed to give you a fixed internet quota on a month on month basis. Upon purchasing the plans will be added to your existing voice or internet plan automatically.

The Add on internet plan gives you the privilege of purchasing a one time internet quota when you run out or if your running low on your existing Internet quota or voice plans.

Ghost internet add on plans let you buy High internet bundles at very low prices to browse between 2.00 am and 6.00 am.

Hutch postpaid is designed with flexibility and convenience. You can now make bill payment anytime anywhere by visiting any Hutch Recharge Outlet island wide.
Make sure you have sufficient credit, prior to activating a plan.
Recurring Internet plans will be renewed automatically month on month.
To check your Internet Quota balance dial *444*2# or SMS “DEF” to 444
Government taxes will apply.