Now Bigger & Better

Hutch 4G is the perfect combination of accessibility and affordability.

Hutch, being the newest 4G enablers, employs the latest in 4G technology, providing seamless connectivity for a Bigger and Better experience. We have widened our scope and developed technologies that reduce data burns, enabling connectivity and value for money. Every smartphone is backwards compatible, meaning, the Hutch packages are available for both 3G and 4G networks.

What is 4G?

Also referred to as LTE (Long Term Evolution), 4G is a step up from 3G and is becoming the most popular mobile broadband technology around the world.

How is it different from 3G?

It provides a better and more robust experience than 3G as it is able to carry many more customers on the network at the same time.Download large files such as videos & games and streaming high quality videos can be done much faster and smoother.

Is 4G really faster than 3G?

Yes, 4G is faster than 3G and can deliver speeds up to 3 times more than 3G.

Will 4G cost me more data than in 3G?

Being faster means burning through your data quicker. Hutch however has deployed unique solutions to slow down 4G data burn, whilst still giving you a fantastic 4G experience.

I am a Hutch customer, how can I use Hutch 4G services?

  • When I upgrade my current SIM to a 4G ready SIM will my number change?

    There is no change to your number. It will be a few steps that should take you less than 2 mins. Your number will be transferred into the new 4G SIM instantly.

  • My SIM is not 4G Ready. How can I get a 4G ready SIM?

    You can obtain a 4G ready sim from any of the options below:
    1. Order online for Home Delivery (Click Here).Follow simple DIY instructions when you receive the SIM.
    2. Visit a SIM upgrade Retail Outlet nearest to you (Click Here to find nearest outlet).
    3. Dial 1788 and get your SIM delivered to your doorstep.

    *SIM upgrade is free of charge

  • How to check if my phone or SIM is 4G ready ?

    To find out your device or SIM is 4G enabled, dial *324#

  • Do I have to activate special 4G data packs?

    No. The same affordable Hutch Data packs that are available for use on our 3G netowrk can also be used on our new 4G network seamlessly. You can check out full range of Hutch affordable data packs on Compare page.