SIM Upgrade

  • The “4G Ready” SIM offers you a Bigger & Better Coverage and High Quality 4G Services.

» Dial *324# to find out if you need to switch your SIM to “4G Ready” SIM.

» Upgrade to 4G SIM FREE of charge.

» You can order your 4G SIM by any of the method below to get it delivered to your doorstep.

» You can get your “4G Ready SIM” upgraded from your nearest retailer point.

» It only takes a minute to upgrade and is easy as 123.

» Upgrade your SIM by following the instructions on the leaflet in the 072 SIM pouch / sticker on the 078 SIM.

» Use your Old SIM to Dial*127# when you are upgrading the SIM by yourself.

» There will be no change to your number or your package.

» If you are using cliQ or Digimore, please re register for this service after the change of SIM. There will be no change to your plan.

» You will receive your Rs.500 Bonus immediately with validity of 7 days.

» Your bonus can be made use for local Calls, SMS and Data. You cannot purchase packs.

» The SIM will be delivered after request, within 2 working days inside Colombo city limits and 3 -5 days outside Colombo.

» You may call our 24/7 SIM replacement hotline number if you need assistance in upgrading your SIM.

» You can reach us for any concerns regard to SIM upgrade by either email or dedicated SIM replacement hotline.

Additional FAQs

If you visit the retailer you need to take your phone to upgrade your SIM as the PIN number will be sent to your phone. You can also order online by entering your details or call our dedicated hotline on 078 787 8787 who will verify your details to deliver your SIM to your doorstep.

There will be no change and your number will remain the same.

Yes your device permits use of both SIMs, you can use it on the same device.

You will experiene better call and data quality with enhanced coverage.

The quality of connectivity will be enhanced.

With the 078 & 072 merger, coverage has been enhanced in all districts, however you can experience poor coverage due to obstruction of vegetation or building.

The merger of 078 & 072 is now completed and Hutch offers you with Bigger & Better network. In the event you experience issues, you can call customer service hotline on 078 787 8787 an agent will assist you.

When you upgrade your SIM to 4G, connection on the 3G SIM becomes inactive.

We advise you to save your contacts on the phone before proceeding to upgrade your SIM.

Your phone will not get heated when you upgrade your SIM.

Your upgrade is to replace existing SIM to 4G SIM and therefore cannot use the existing SIM.

The SIM capacity is 64K.

250 Contact numbers can be saved in the 4G SIM.

You don’t have to return the old SIM you may discard it once your SIM is upgraded to 4G.

You need the old SIM to activate to 4G SIM. However in the event you have lost your SIM you can obtain your SIM by visiting retailer outlet, order online or Call 078 787 8787.

The subscriber details are verified before the upgrade and therefore its not possible.

4G stands for Fourth Generation Mobile Technology and LTE is an abbreviation for Long Term Evolution.

You don’t have to enter the number as its only the change to the SIM and not the number.

Since this is not a device change you will not receive any settings.

The 4G upgrade SIM is included with Standard, Micro and Nano SIM sizes.

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