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Work, Study & Zoom Data Plan

The Hutch Work from Home and Study from Home plans are tailor-made to help you and your children take on the ‘new normal’ with greater confidence.

Our specially designed plans offer many features ranging from fit-to-pocket prices to controlled access to popular applications such as YouTube as well as a wide range of popular platforms used in today’s 'study from home' or 'work from home' environments.

The latest additions to the Study from Home include plans that are specifically designed to support your children attending online classes conducted by their schools or educational institutes.

Hutch has gone one step beyond with the new Study from Home Buddy plans to offering absolute peace of mind to parents, by not supporting applications including YouTube, Facebook etc. that are not relevant to studies.



  • Can I use these plan on any Network?
    Yes, these plans will be valid for both Hutch 4G & 3G networks without restriction.
  • Are these plans available for 078 & 072 customers?
    Yes, they are available for all 078 & 072 subscribers on the Hutch network.
  • Are these plans available for both Prepaid / Postpaid customers?
    Currently, the Study from Home – Buddy plans (Rs 31 / Rs 72) are available only for prepaid users. We will soon enable it for postpaid users to enjoy as well. The Work & Study from Home plan (Rs 572) is available for both Prepaid & Postpaid user as add-on plans.
  • How will this plan work?
    When you activate any of the above mentioned plans, you will be entitled for a specific Anytime quota and a validity. The quota offered will ONLY allow access to the list of applications allowed for each plan. However YouTube will be offered ONLY on the Rs 572 plan at a video resolution of 360p.
  • Why can’t I access any other sites or app when I have this plan?
    The Data bundle offered on Work & Study plans will allow you access to the list apps & URLs offered for the plan. If you wish to access in other app/site, you would need to activate a standard data bundle which will give you un-restricted access to the internet such as Day/Night or Anytime plans.

*Applicable government taxes are included

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